A Review of the Gibson 2015 Guitar Lineup

gibson les paul

For music hobbiest and professionals alike, one sure name that has attracted many fans is Gibson. Many continue to drool over the various models especially the vintage guitars. Last years 2014 Gibson line-up was considered top notch by collectors. However, many have been displeased with the introduction and unveiling of the Gibson 2015 lineup. Comparisons have been made with the 2013 Les Paul custom, 2014 Les Paul melody maker, 2014 custom shop, 1960 Les Paul standard reissue and 2013 Les Paul Junior, classic and Deluxe.

For a glimpse of the new line-up read on. A glance at the features of the 2015 Gibson is given below:

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1969 Chevrolet Camaro

1969 chevy camaro

From its inception in 1969 and forty years after, the Camaro has continued to gain popularity with its stylish and elegant features. This is a car that is great for drivers who want a unique ride that never gets old. A Camaro In Every Color For Everyone This has been a choice car for collectors. … Read more

Preparing Your Lawn for the Fall Season


When summer comes to an end and winter approaches many fall into the mindset that they no longer need to maintain their lawns. The heat is over and rainy days are approaching. Before fall end, however, there are a few important steps you need to take.

To ensure your grass is healthy and green for next spring there are a few basic needs your lawn will require. Good food, air and water are necessary for a lawn to thrive.


A healthy lawn needs food to survive. In this case fertilizer. Fertilizer will give your lawn the endurance it needs to make it through the cold winter. It will also help to strengthen roots.

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