Packing Cubes Reviewed – Are They Worth The Investment?

luggage packing cubes

In the so-called rat-race of American life, the only thing that keeps some of us going is vacations and holidays. But traveling is not at all easy. Irrespective of how much you might love to be a traveler, I am sure, under no circumstances would you like your luggage to be more than your energy … Read more

Top Things to Do When You Visit Chattanooga, Tennessee


After visiting Chattanooga, Tennessee it isn’t far-fetched to say that you will want to visit this beautiful city a second, or maybe even third time to catch another glimpse of the many attractions and sights the city as to offer. After all, it’s not nicknamed the Scenic City for nothing! There are also tons of … Read more

Things to Do In Aspen, CO

Things To Do In Aspen Co

If you are planning a trip to Aspen, Colorado you are in for a treat. Natural beauty allows for scenic hikes while the city offers plenty of upscale modern amenities. If you want to experience some of the top attractions be sure to schedule time for all of our attractions below.

1. Aspen Art Museum – This non-collecting Art Museum known for exhibitions that include contemporary art such as innovative drawings, paintings, sculptures, and more.
2. Wheeler Opera House – A great place to catch Broadway shows, jazz and rock performances, opera, Community Theater and much more. Check out their website for upcoming events and availability.

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Costa Rica Surfing Destinations


Famous for its surf breaks, Costa Rica is heaven for many who love to body surf, bogie board, or even better yet surf. There are a number of destinations out there when it comes to surfing. Your surfing bucket list may contain hundreds of spots. If your list doesn’t include Costa Rica you’re missing out. Costa Rica has some great surfing spots for surfing enthusiast. No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. There are a number of hot spots you need to checkout.

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Geekiest Cities in America


If you were to guess the most geekiest city in the US it’s likely that San Jose, California — home of Silicon Valley — would be at the top of your list. The second city to be included on the list was somewhat of a surprise to me, given the stereotypically counter-culture of Boulder, Colorado. … Read more