1969 Chevrolet Camaro

From its inception in 1969 and forty years after, the Camaro has continued to gain popularity with its stylish and elegant features. This is a car that is great for drivers who want a unique ride that never gets old.

A Camaro In Every Color For Everyone

This has been a choice car for collectors. It has about four factory interior colors such as Black, dark blue, medium red and medium green. Exterior colors include dover white, black, butternut, yellow, Olympic gold, fathom green, dusk blue, garnet red, burnished brown, cortez silver, burgundy, tuxedo black, orange, yellow, blue, glacier blue etc.

Pick Your Model

The Camaro came in different configurations from the ever speedy super spot to the sport coup and the Z/28. The super sport has a super speed transmission in 3D with Zebra stripes and a hood which is highly insulated. The sport coup came with powerful features such as hidden headlights, fitted and nice bucket seats, exquisite carpeting and ever screeching tires. It also has some other features that came with the general Camaro vehicle including a well, featured ventilation system. The Z/28 is all encompassing as it is the choice of anyone who loves racing. it came with a dual exhaust and readily made powerful steering to control the rubber melting and rally wheels. Also the presence of special suspension and heavy duty radiation are great features.


Below are some of the available engines:
• Turbo jet V8 396ci
• Turbo-fire V8 350ci
• Turbo thrift six cylinder 250ci
• Turbo fire V8 327ci
• Turbo drift six cylinder 230ci

The 1969 Camaro came with good panel doors and brake lights with its first order in 1969 – order #9560 and #9561 which were almost similar. Fred Gibb Chevrolet was known to have gotten the ZL-1 Camaro cars into the production line which has an all aluminum engine. This made this COPO highly distinctive which was the #9560 order. The Yenko Camaro was the order #9561 which was made by Yenko Chevrolet also known as Don Yenko where he succeeded in installing the L-72s in the coupling processes, thus, getting on board, the limited numbers of Camaro Yenkos.


These vehicles come in different transmissions:
1. Special 3-speed
2. Automatic power glide
3. 3-speed manual
4. 4-speed Manual
5. Hydra-matic (turbo) etc.

In conclusion, the accessories are readily available ranging from the ever sleek and beautiful interior refinements to the ever aesthetic comfort of the exteriors. some of the accessories include the car cover craft sunbrella cover , the Grant steering wheel, the rhino rack, the canine covers rear seat protector, the cipher racing seats and snowboard racks etc. These accessories are made to give distinctive and exquisite touches to and perform magic on your car.