2021 Porsche 911 Review, Pricing – The Works

porsche 911 2021

With a starting price of $101,200 you might think there isn’t a detail that wasn’t overlooked in this German made work of art.  And when you see it in person you will likely have a similar impression.  After a quick test drive it was hard for me to believe that I had ever driven anything … Read more

Ultimate Power Wheels For Rough Terrain – Top Review Buying Guide

power wheel car for kids

If you’re a kid nothing beats riding your bike around the neighborhood pretending that you are driving your favorite car, truck or SUV. That is until now. These power wheels don’t disappoint with these realistic vehicles for kids. Every kids needs one of these fun toys in their life to practice their driving skills and … Read more

7 Steps to Prepare for Your Next Road Trip


When you love your ride, road trips are a blessing. It’s nothing but you, your chosen passengers and the open road. But just because it’s pleasurable doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy. Before you embark on your pavement-laden journey, you’ll want to prepare. First and foremost, think about safety. You’ll want to do everything you can … Read more

Car Models that Could Vanish Soon

The auto industry is full of well-known cars that seem to be reintroduced as new models every half century or so. Why do automakers do this? Because the cost to introduce a new name and raise brand awareness could cost $100 million-plus. You may have noticed this with BMW’s 3 Series, a car that has … Read more

Exige’s Lightweight Car Has Got Everyone Scrambling

Lotus Car

Lotus Exige has another special-edition sports car. In less than a year, the British automaker made another one. This creation with their “cup” concept is lighter than its predecessor, the 2,447-pound Exige Sport 380. This time, we have a 2,330 pound, 175 mph masterpiece with a boosted downforce. That’s an amazing 43 percent higher than … Read more

A Genuinely Crafted Monster on Wheels

Rhino XT

The first time I saw it, I thought that is one sharp looking hummer. A second later it dawned on me that hummers had long been gone. General Motors discontinued them. After a quick Google search on my phone I was able to see a number of these dope rides. If you’re looking for the next best … Read more

The Audi S5 2018 – More Suave Than Ever


After almost 10 years since the Audi S5 was introduced, it is back with a new look, a new engine and a totally new vibe. Not that it’s sharp, subtle, and fine iconic design, gangster appeal, and 40-valve V-8 that gave us 3,500 rpm all up to 7,000 weren’t enough to make jaws drop. Its … Read more

Uber Vs. Lyft; The Battle For A Cleaner Environment | Lyft May Be Taken The Lead In 2018


Ridesharing has changed lives. Not only for drivers, but also for general commuting. But the growing global ride-sharing utopia might just be too convenient when it comes to transport. Although, there is no doubt that it makes lives easier. In a way, it’s making lives too easy. With more citizens relying on ride-sharing to commute … Read more

Highlights of the New York Auto Show 2017

Dodge Challenger

For car enthusiasts, the New York auto show is one of the most exciting events. This show is one of the best ways to have a closer look at the changes sweeping through the auto industry. What’s more interesting is that the show offers something for everyone. The New York Auto Show may not be … Read more

Review: 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster

mercedes roadster 1200x900

Always seen as an expensive toy, any car with the Benz logo can make anyone envious. Anywhere in the world, man’s half-century familiarity with the name and what it stands for makes many brands pale in comparison. Always tantalizing car aficionados, Mercedes is currently offering different flip-top Roadsters in its seven-model lineup of AMG GT, … Read more

Review: 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor: Does It Hold Up To It’s Name?


You know it’s a Raptor because of its massive suspension, giant Ford grille and those beefy tires. They all give the identity of this great vehicle right away. The old all-conquering, V8-powered sled, made its last appearance in 2014 leaving people wondering what happened and if Ford needs to do anything else to make it … Read more

Why Classic Cars Are Out Performing Hedge Funds

Classic Porsche in White

It isn’t everyday that your finical advisor suggests a garage full of classic cars for your portfolio. For those lucky enough to have made good money investing in hedge funds, it might be time to take a second look at that cool ’69 Porsche in the neighbor’s driveway. Investing in classic cars may bring a … Read more

1969 Chevrolet Camaro

1969 chevy camaro

From its inception in 1969 and forty years after, the Camaro has continued to gain popularity with its stylish and elegant features. This is a car that is great for drivers who want a unique ride that never gets old. A Camaro In Every Color For Everyone This has been a choice car for collectors. … Read more

Top 10 Vehicle Picks for 2013

auto show cars

Making this Top 10 list is not easy by any means. In making this list a number of factors have been considered. For 2013, there are 10 new winners in seven categories. Honda was a no-show last year, but it has picked up three slots on this year’s list with the redesigned Accord and the CR-V and Odyssey. Two European automakers return to the list; the BMW 328i and the Audi A6 are those carmakers’ first entries in our winners’ circle in 10 and 13 years, respectively.