Bamboo Plants Overview


Bamboo is a beautiful plant that can add a layer of decorative style and taste to your outdoor space. These plants are often grown because of their ornamental value and useful canes that have been used for a variety of different purposes. From medicine to construction you can find bamboo products everywhere. Some homeowners have … Read more

Caring For Maple Trees

maple tree

Maple trees are commonly found in the Northern temperature zones of the United States. These trees will vary in size according to species. Most trees will grow 15 – 145 feet high. The shrub varieties can be less than 10 feet tall. Maples are a type of deciduous tree. Their flowers stand upright and are … Read more

Sago Palm Trees


The Sago Palm tree can be a beautiful addition to your home. Their dark olive green leaves and lively shape is relatively easy tree to grow and maintain as long as you prepare a proper space. This is a slow growing and hardy plant that has been known to live in temperatures of 20° F … Read more

Black Magic Elephant Ear


Dark purple stalks with large dark purple (almost black) leaves that give the appearance of an elephant ear is the best way that I can describe these magnificent tropical plants. The Black Magic Elephant Ear or Colocasia esculenta, is a fast growing plant that requires shade to partial sun. If left out in hot direct … Read more

Hydrangea Flower Care Tips


There are a number of common names for the Hydrangea. This flower is part of a genus of about 70 to 75 species of flowering plants. Hydrangeas are a native to southern and eastern Asia as well as North and South America. These species can range from plants as small as 1 meter tall and … Read more

Tulips Care Tips


Tulips grow best in areas with cold winters, cool springs, and cool summers. These beautiful flowers come in a number of different sizes, colors, and shapes depending on the variety. When planting Tulips, look for areas that provide full sun to light shade. Avoid planting near foundations, on step slopes, or in heavy shade. This … Read more

Facts & Care For Red Eyed Tree Frogs


Red eyed tree frogs are an amazing species native to the rain forests of Central America. These frogs love to explore the foliage climbing up and down the forest ceilings. If you decide to purchase a captive bread frog it will be a good idea to provide your frog with a number of branches and … Read more

Preparing Your Lawn for the Fall Season


When summer comes to an end and winter approaches many fall into the mindset that they no longer need to maintain their lawns. The heat is over and rainy days are approaching. Before fall end, however, there are a few important steps you need to take.

To ensure your grass is healthy and green for next spring there are a few basic needs your lawn will require. Good food, air and water are necessary for a lawn to thrive.


A healthy lawn needs food to survive. In this case fertilizer. Fertilizer will give your lawn the endurance it needs to make it through the cold winter. It will also help to strengthen roots.

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