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A Review of the Gibson 2015 Guitar Lineup

For music hobbiest and professionals alike, one sure name that has attracted many fans is Gibson. Many continue to drool over the various models especially the vintage guitars. Last years 2014 Gibson line-up was considered top notch by collectors. However, many have been displeased with the introduction and unveiling of the Gibson 2015 lineup. Comparisons have been made with the 2013 Les Paul custom, 2014 Les Paul melody maker, 2014 custom shop, 1960 Les Paul standard reissue and 2013 Les Paul Junior, classic and Deluxe.

For a glimpse of the new line-up read on. A glance at the features of the 2015 Gibson is given below:


The 2015 zero fret nut is an adjustable brass nut, which allows the user to fine-tune action without having to use files. This isn’t exactly new. Warwick has offered an adjustable nut on a number of their guitar models for years. From a manufacturing perspective I can see how this adjustable nut makes sense. The adjustable nut allows for the workers to add the nut and then adjust the height as needed. While this might be freat for production it isnt necessarly the best idea for musicians ob the road. Having an adjustable piece at such a critical area seems like a disaster waiting to happen in my opinion.


Next is the neck. The slim-taper neck on the junior is an adjustment. Though some people might easily adjust to this wide and flat shaped neck, there will be others who will prefer the classic style.

The neck on the classic is the same but it takes an asymmetrical pattern on the deluxe. The width of the neck at the upper fret and the increased neck size on the body can easily make one overwhelmed when going for higher notes.

The older models on the other hand, do not have this feature. The neck and fingerboard was actually increased by 0.50 per side.


The robot tuners which is also known as the G-force, has a performance and battery issues unlike the older models. The zero nuts on the other hand have made some improvements like allowing for more adjustability over other models.


The new Tune-O-Matic Bridge is now a feature and uses Allen keys to make bridge adjustments. It take some getting use to but once you get the hang of it you can quickly fine tune the guitar’s action.

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