PRS Custom 24: A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship and Tone

Revered for its impeccable craftsmanship, breathtaking aesthetics, and exceptional tone, the PRS Custom 24 has earned its place as an iconic instrument in the world of electric guitars. We’ll take a look into the key features, build quality, sound characteristics, playability, and overall user experience that make the PRS Custom 24 a coveted choice among guitarists, ranging from seasoned professionals to aspiring musicians.

Craftsmanship and Aesthetics

The PRS Custom 24 exemplifies the meticulous craftsmanship that has become synonymous with Paul Reed Smith guitars. Handcrafted with precision and attention to detail, the Custom 24 boasts an exquisite design that seamlessly blends vintage elegance with modern flair. The perfectly carved double-cutaway body showcases the iconic PRS shape, providing players with effortless access to the upper frets. The choice of high-quality woods, including mahogany or maple tops with a wide array of stunning finishes, adds to the guitar’s visual appeal, making it a true work of art that captivates both players and audiences.

Versatility in Sound

The PRS Custom 24 is celebrated for its extraordinary tonal range, allowing guitarists to explore a multitude of sonic possibilities. The combination of a mahogany body with a maple top creates a balanced and resonant foundation, while the PRS 85/15 pickups deliver pristine clarity and power. These pickups offer a versatile sound palette that spans from warm and rich clean tones to searing lead sounds. The innovative PRS 5-way blade switch and push/pull tone control further enhance the Custom 24’s versatility, unlocking a wide spectrum of tones, from sparkling single-coil chimes to thick humbucking warmth.

Tremolo System and Tuning Stability

The PRS Custom 24 comes equipped with PRS’s patented Gen III tremolo system, known for its impeccable tuning stability and smooth operation. This double-locking tremolo allows guitarists to perform expressive vibrato and dive-bomb techniques while maintaining precise tuning throughout the most demanding performances. The PRS Phase III locking tuners ensure quick and reliable string changes, further contributing to the guitar’s exceptional tuning stability, even during intense playing sessions.

Playability and Comfort

PRS is renowned for its commitment to creating instruments with outstanding playability, and the Custom 24 is no exception. The guitar’s “Pattern Thin” or “Pattern Regular” neck profiles offer a comfortable and effortless playing experience, allowing for smooth hand movement across the fretboard. The 24-fret rosewood or ebony fingerboard with exquisite bird inlays provides excellent playability and encourages creativity, making it an instrument that inspires guitarists to explore new musical territories.

Signature PRS Hardware

The PRS Custom 24 features premium hardware that complements its impeccable tonal qualities. The PRS patented tremolo bridge, coupled with the locking tuners, ensures exceptional tuning stability and string tension control, making it a reliable instrument for both studio sessions and live performances. The PRS nickel hardware adds a touch of elegance to the guitar’s overall aesthetics, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and attention to detail.

Affordability and Value

While the PRS Custom 24 represents a high-end instrument, it offers exceptional value for the features and craftsmanship it provides. Guitarists seeking a top-tier guitar with unparalleled sound quality and aesthetics will find the Custom 24 worth the investment. The guitar’s versatility and playability make it a long-lasting companion that evolves with a guitarist’s musical journey.

The PRS Custom 24 is a true masterpiece, embodying the perfect balance of craftsmanship, aesthetics, and exceptional tone. Its meticulous design, premium woods, and versatile pickups offer guitarists a rich tonal palette that covers an array of musical genres and playing styles.

With its PRS Gen III tremolo system and locking tuners, the Custom 24 ensures outstanding tuning stability and allows guitarists to explore expressive playing techniques without compromising accuracy. The guitar’s playability and comfort, paired with its signature PRS hardware, contribute to an exceptional playing experience that fosters creativity and musical exploration.

Whether you’re a professional guitarist seeking a versatile workhorse or an aspiring musician with a passion for sonic excellence, the PRS Custom 24 will undoubtedly elevate your musical journey. Its timeless design, impeccable craftsmanship, and exceptional sound characteristics make it a prized possession that will inspire you to reach new heights in your musical expression.

The PRS Custom 24 stands as an iconic guitar that represents the pinnacle of PRS’s commitment to excellence. Its timeless beauty, versatile tone, and unparalleled playability have solidified its place as a top-choice instrument among guitarists worldwide. Embrace the legacy of the PRS Custom 24 and unlock a world of sonic possibilities with this extraordinary instrument.

Custom 24  Demo | PRS Guitars

PRS Custom 24 Vs. Fender Telecaster

Comparing the PRS Custom 24 to the Fender Telecaster will provide valuable insights into how these two iconic electric guitars differ in terms of design, sound characteristics, playability, hardware, and overall versatility.

Design and Construction:

The PRS Custom 24 boasts a modern, double-cutaway design with a contoured body, offering easy access to the upper frets. The guitar’s top-quality woods, such as mahogany with a maple top, contribute to its balanced tone and elegant aesthetics. On the other hand, the Fender Telecaster features a classic single-cutaway design with a bolt-on maple neck. Its body can be constructed from various woods, such as ash, alder, or mahogany, each offering distinct tonal qualities. The Telecaster’s design exudes vintage simplicity and timeless appeal.

Sound Characteristics:

The PRS Custom 24 is celebrated for its exceptional tonal versatility, thanks to its combination of a mahogany body with a maple top and PRS 85/15 pickups. This setup offers a wide range of tones, from warm and rounded cleans to articulate and powerful high-gain tones. The 5-way blade switch and push/pull tone control further enhance the guitar’s tonal palette, making it suitable for a variety of musical genres. On the other hand, the Fender Telecaster is renowned for its signature twangy and bright sound, particularly in the bridge pickup position. Its two single-coil pickups produce a distinct and classic Telecaster tone, making it a staple in country, rock, and blues music.


Both the PRS Custom 24 and the Fender Telecaster are renowned for their excellent playability. The PRS Custom 24 offers a variety of neck profiles, including “Pattern Thin” and “Pattern Regular,” which cater to different playing preferences. Its 24-fret fingerboard provides extended range and encourages creative exploration. The Fender Telecaster features a comfortable and slim “C”-shaped neck profile, making it easy to navigate across the fretboard. With 21 or 22 frets, the Telecaster offers a more traditional playing experience.

Tremolo System:

The PRS Custom 24 is equipped with a PRS Gen III tremolo system, which allows for expressive pitch bending and vibrato techniques. This double-locking tremolo offers excellent tuning stability, allowing guitarists to perform confidently without worrying about going out of tune. On the other hand, the Fender Telecaster typically features a fixed bridge or, in some models, a vintage-style tremolo. While the Telecaster’s tremolo system doesn’t offer the same range of pitch bending as the PRS Gen III tremolo, it provides excellent tuning stability and straightforward operation.


Both guitars feature high-quality hardware. The PRS Custom 24 comes with premium PRS hardware, including locking tuners and a high-quality tremolo bridge. The Fender Telecaster is equipped with Fender’s renowned hardware, ensuring reliable performance and easy maintenance. Each guitar’s hardware complements its design and contributes to its overall playability and tonal qualities.

Affordability and Value:

In terms of affordability, the Fender Telecaster typically falls in a more accessible price range compared to the PRS Custom 24. While the Custom 24 represents a higher-end, premium instrument, the Telecaster offers a more budget-friendly option without compromising on sound quality and playability. Both guitars provide excellent value for their respective price points, catering to different guitarists’ needs and preferences.

The PRS Custom 24 and the Fender Telecaster are both iconic electric guitars that have earned their place in the music industry. Each guitar offers a distinct design, sound characteristics, and playability, catering to different musical genres and playing styles.

The PRS Custom 24 stands out for its modern design, exceptional tonal versatility, and luxurious craftsmanship. Its combination of a mahogany body with a maple top, along with PRS 85/15 pickups and advanced electronics, offers a broad tonal palette that appeals to a wide range of guitarists.

The Fender Telecaster, with its classic single-cutaway design and signature twangy tone, has become a timeless classic, particularly in country, rock, and blues music. Its simplicity, playability, and bright sound have made it a favorite among guitarists seeking a vintage-inspired instrument.

Ultimately, the choice between the PRS Custom 24 and the Fender Telecaster will depend on individual preferences, musical style, and budget considerations. Both guitars represent outstanding choices for guitarists of all levels, providing them with instruments that inspire creativity, musical expression, and a connection to the rich heritage of electric guitars.

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