Drake’s Net Worth: Let’s Take a Look


This year, Drake is at #5 on Forbes Five – the American business magazine’s annual listing of the richest hip-hop artist across the face of the planet. What’s so interesting about Drake being on the said list is that he’s just way too young compared to the rest of the list members – Diddy, Jay-Z, … Read more

What is the Net Worth of Kanye West?

kanye west

Figuring out the net worth of a celebrity is always a challenging task – most of us have to make smart guesses based solely on publicized pieces of information like how much their latest venture made and how their newly-purchased car or abode is worth. So it’s inevitable for the truth and everyone’s supposition to … Read more

The Way It Was – Analog Recording Survives


It was a lifetime ago when vinyl records ruled. Amazingly, the sales it’s getting lately is $416 million. Now, that’s amazing since everything is digitally recorded. It’s like 1988 all over again when music was coming out from analog recording studios and when recorded audio is exactly the same quality sound we hear in a … Read more

Unique, Incomparable & Quite Possibly The Coolest Guitar Model Gibson Has Made

As a guitar player I’ve always enjoyed the sleek curves and stylish presence that the Gibson Explorer exudes. The first time I laid eyes on one was in middle school while visiting Guitar Center. Nothing else compared. With such a modern look it is surprising for most to learn that the Explorer models date as … Read more

5 Reasons Why Your Next Guitar Should Be Boutique


Over the past decade, and especially over the past 5 years, sales of boutique electric guitars have enjoyed a phenomenal rise and small-operation builders sprang up in droves. These builders offer new designs and innovations, bespoke craftsmanship, and their spin on the tried and true classics. In this article, I’ll discuss how these guitars differ … Read more

Gibson vs. Fender: Which is Better?

Gibson vs Fender

Fender or Gibson? That is the question. The two most popular guitar makers are often compared, with fans of each swearing their make is better. Considering that a significant portion of guitars available today are based off either Fender or Gibson designs, it is no surprise that the debate is raging. So, which of the … Read more

Almost Dawn Performing Fire Tiger

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The Digital Record Store: What’s Right, What’s Wrong

selling music onlineThe days of walking into Tower Records or The Warehouse are long, long gone. Gone are the days of painstakingly reading illegible titles from the titanic wall o’ audio cassettes, gone the days of row after row of CDs which must be lifted from the box before their contents can be known, gone the days of endless columns of shrink-wrapped vinyl LPs. Audiophiles know that all these formats are still available and popular to some stereoheads, but industry movers and shakers also know that there’s no money in hard audio merchandise, anymore. The record store has almost totally gone online.

There are good things and bad things about this. For one thing, it’s just no fun to click around a website (Amazon, say) to check out stuff you’ve never seen or heard before. There are practically limitless amounts of music coming out every day, and without any inside information, you might as well just pick the first thing that comes around and isn’t terrible. After all, you could otherwise be online all day. The old-fashioned way let you pick up an LP, turn it over in your hands, and check out all that awesome artwork. You never knew what the fold-out records looked like inside unless you unwrapped them, though, and that was cool, too!

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