What is the Best Beginner Guitar?

playing acoustic guitar

If you Google the term beginner guitar, thousands upon thousands of results come up with people’s opinions on what a good beginner guitar is. Well, here’s the thing. There’s no such thing as a beginner guitar. I’ve been playing guitar for decades now and have hear this popular opinion as long as I can remember. … Read more

2 Reasons Why The Gibson ES-335 Knocks My Socks Off

2015 Gibson ES 335

If you’ve ever found yourself tworn between an acoustic and an electric the 335 might be just up your alley.  The Gibson ES-335 was released by Gibson Guitar Corporation in 1958. This particular model was the world’s first commercial thinline archtop semi-acoustic electric guitar. It is part of the Electric Spanish (ES) series.

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When Only A Compression Pedal Will Do


Everybody loves sustain. The word says it all. When tone, notes, or chords clearly sound longer than usual, mere mortals get that hazy, fascinated look. For guitarists, improving sustain is a never-ending quest. Heavier picks and strings, installing bone nuts and graphite saddles are some of the many tactics. Likewise, adding hotter pickups to get … Read more

5 Reasons Why Your Next Guitar Should Be Boutique


Over the past decade, and especially over the past 5 years, sales of boutique electric guitars have enjoyed a phenomenal rise and small-operation builders sprang up in droves. These builders offer new designs and innovations, bespoke craftsmanship, and their spin on the tried and true classics. In this article, I’ll discuss how these guitars differ … Read more

Gibson vs. Fender: Which is Better?

Gibson vs Fender

Fender or Gibson? That is the question. The two most popular guitar makers are often compared, with fans of each swearing their make is better. Considering that a significant portion of guitars available today are based off either Fender or Gibson designs, it is no surprise that the debate is raging. So, which of the … Read more