Facts & Care For Red Eyed Tree Frogs

Red eyed tree frogs are an amazing species native to the rain forests of Central America. These frogs love to explore the foliage climbing up and down the forest ceilings. If you decide to purchase a captive bread frog it will be a good idea to provide your frog with a number of branches and vines to climb.

In some cases you may be able to purchase wild frogs but I highly recommend captive bread frogs as an alternative. Captive bread frogs are almost always more healthy and usually are under less stress than the wild variety.

Red eyed tree frogs are completely nocturnal so if you plan on observing these frogs during the day don’t expect much action.

Red Eyed Tree Frog Diet

Red eyed tree frogs are not picky eaters. As long as it moves and can fit in its mouth they will probably eat it. In general their diet consists of soft vertebrates such as crickets and mealworms.

Red eye tree frog adult should be fed about three times a week and juveniles every day. If you are searching for a list of insects to feed your frog try the following.

  • crickets
  • mealworms
  • wax worms and small silkworms
  • Moths
  • houseflies

Habitats of Red Eyed Tree Frogs

red-eyed-tree-frog on leafIf you searched your local woods for red eyed tree frogs it is likely that you wouldn’t find any. That is because red eyed tree frogs require high humidity and tropical rainforest . Their native habitat is in Central America where their ideal conditions are met.

If you decide to purchase a red eyed tree frog don’t purchase just one. These frogs like to bunk up with others. So company is welcomed but be sure that the tank is not overcrowded. 20 gallons is room for 2 frogs.

Temperate for a red eyed tree frog should be between 75F to 85F (24C to 29C) in daytime but can cool off at night. If kept in a cage there should be plenty of space for them to climb vertically. Driftwood, cork bark tubes, vines, bamboo poles, and pieces of PVC pipe work very well for perches. Live or fake plants can be used to furnish the cage.

The bedding for a frogs aquarium should be safe if they accidently consume it. USE bedding such as coconut husk fiber, sphagnum moss and AVOID Gravel and small pieces of bark which are harmful if swallowed.

Clean water should be available at all times.

Tree Frog Appearance

red-eyed-tree-frog apperanceRed eyed tree frogs a known for their red eyes and bright colors. Especially their bright green backs. Their most apparent physical feature is their red eyes. Some collectors have found southern populations which have burgundy-colored eyes. Their legs are green, and the sides of their body are striped in blue and yellow or white. Their legs have bright orange feet. Most frogs will reach 2-3 inches in length.

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