You Don’t Need Supplements To Build Muscle (But Here’s Why You Might Want It)

There is so much hype regarding supplements, testosterone boosters, and dietary fibers. In fact, the marketing has been done so well, that far too many people might believe the only way they can gain muscle, …

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There is so much hype regarding supplements, testosterone boosters, and dietary fibers. In fact, the marketing has been done so well, that far too many people might believe the only way they can gain muscle, or lose weight is if they invest their money into an expensive supplement.

Oh, how I cringe.

Whenever I am asked, “What is the best supplement to take?,” “Which supplement is best to help me grow muscle quickly.”

I shrug my head in dismay.

The truth is, supplements on their own, will have almost no effect on your muscle growth in my opinion. Or your weight loss (depending on what supplements you are taking). The fit life is all about balance. Between regular exercise, right down to getting enough sleep and enjoying a sustainable diet.

But don’t worry, through this article, I will explain exactly where supplements are great to use, and what you need to focus on doing before worrying about supplements. In the end, I will also hash out some of my personal favorite brands (But I recommend you do tons of research of course!).

Continue reading to learn a bit more about my opinions on the matter.

So, What’s The Big Deal About Supplements?


Do you want to know the biggest secret about supplements? The scary truth that fitness advocates don’t want to tell you?

You REALLY don’t need them!

Unless you are suffering from some illness or disease, and your doctor states you need to take a specific supplement to help your body produce enough of a certain chemical. Otherwise, you CAN likely make do without them.

Think back to the Roman era. Do you think Spartacus prepped with whey powder, and pre-workout routine before battle? I am pretty sure he didn’t take any BCAAs or protein powder after a battle. Yet he was still swole.

The truth is supplements are meant to be exactly that, “Supplements.” Meaning they are supposed to help your body with a bigger intake of nutrients depending on your goal.

That means on top of your normal diet, you get that extra protein and calories in, which assists your body to destroy and rebuild muscle.

What You Should Worry About Before Thinking About Supplements

workout diet

Grab your notebook. If you want to learn how to build muscle, lose weight, or get shredded – in my opinion, this is exactly what you need (Say goodbye to those supplements).

Your Diet (This Is Where Most People Fail)

When you are exercising, your body is burning fat, and destroying fibers to develop muscle. Which means it needs the energy (nutrients) to help rebuild these fibers. That’s where your diet becomes essential for muscle growth.

Without the necessary nutrition, your body will be unable to quickly repair the fibers, which then slows down your muscle growth.

Having a balanced diet is probably one of the most underlooked, yet important factors of building a strong physique. Here is a great website you can check out for diets depending on your needs.

Regular Exercise

The entire point of taking supplements in the first place is to provide your body with more nutrients, and energy for while you are exercising.

Making it rather counterproductive if you only go for a jog once a week – results will come really slow (if they come at all).

You really want to get on a training plan to help you stick to your routine, and goals. Here are a few good free ones. Of course, you need to change it up every now and then as otherwise your body becomes used to the stresses, which slows down muscle growth.

So Wait, There Is No Point At All To Taking Supplements?

workout supplements
At the end of the day, there is a reason why some professional athletes rely on supplements. Despite their 10+ meals, the intensive training they do requires extra nutrition to keep their body going.

Which is exactly what supplements are for. Think about it as an extra meal.

How do they help though?

Let’s look specifically at protein supplements. When the digestion process starts on these supplements, the protein is broken down by dietary enzymes, which are otherwise known as proteas.

The faster the break down happens, the more amino acids your body has available to help repair damaged tissue, which at the end of the day – promotes muscle growth.

Two Supplements To Consider

Whey Protein

There are four different types of whey protein powders on the market:


Concentrate whey protein is typically lower in fat when placed in comparison to other whey powders. It also has a higher level of carbs, sugars, and bioactive compounds.


Isolate whey protein, on the other hand, is processed to remove fat entirely. But through doing this, some of the beneficial bioactive compounds are also removed, taking away some of the health perks of this powder.


This is typically the more expensive whey protein on the market. The key difference is a process is integrated into the production of this powder, which involves “hydrolyzing” the protein powder. Which makes it easier for the body to digest.


This is the purest version of whey protein powder. It’s pretty low in fat, carbs, and even bioactive compounds. But on the upside, the protein weight makes up almost 95-percent of this powder.

What’s The Point?

The entire point behind Whey protein powder is to boost muscle recovery. Shortening recovery periods, while improving muscle growth. The best time to consume this is after workouts – as that is when your body will need replenishment.

Fusion Supplements

Fusion supplements is a company started up by bodybuilders, with supplements designed to help bodybuilders reach their top physique. However, there is no reason you cannot take advantage of their fusion protein supplements.

Main Benefits Of Fusion Supplements:

  • Improves your muscle pump through increased blood flow.
  • Improved vascularity.
  • Promotes muscle endurance and function.
  • Enhances recovery process post-workouts.

Disadvantages Of Fusion Supplements:

  • The price.


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