Office Pranks


If you’re in the spirit of good fun, and your co-workers don’t mind a good office prank from time to time, we have a few good humor office pranks you might appreciate. We don’t recommend doing any of them, but if you decide to use them we can’t stop you :).

Bug Under My Cup

This first one is pretty easy. Simply grab a cup, take a sharpie, and write the following:

“Don’t Move Unless You Plan On Killing It”

Make sure you place the cup face down.

office prank bug under cup

Halloween Office Prank

This next one is absolutely among the top evil office pranks.  You’re likely going to roll on the floor laughing.

Halloween is a fun time and often involves office festivities as well as treats for co-workers. If you’re in the giving spirit, why not try one of these treats. It’s called a caramel onion. They look just like caramel apples, only with onion inside.  Sounds delicious, right?

Image source: Rant Lifestyle

April Fools Office Pranks

Do you enjoy a good April fools prank? If you’re looking of an office-appropriate joke, we’ve got you covered. Simply head over to Krispy Kreme and buy 2 dozen doughnuts. Don’t take those bad boys to work though. Eat them up, give em to the needy, or leave them at home. We will only be using the boxes for this one.

Remove the donuts from the box and replace it with a healthy snack. Maybe some carrots, celery, broccoli and ranch dipping sauce? Your co-workers will think you’re an evil genius.


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