How to Get Ripped Abs

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ab workoutsAre you like many Americans who want to lose weight and build rock solid abs? I am sure that everyone wants a six pack but for some it seems like just a dream. The concept may sound simple, but putting it into action can be quite challenging and that is where some go astray.

Don’t spend another minute thinking that it is out of reach. One of the biggest reasons why you could fail is due to burnout or motivation. Whatever you do, don’t stop your workout routine even if you feel like it is taking too long to get results. If you know that you are one who need motivation don’t try to do it alone. Hire a trainer to help you.

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Costa Rica Surfing Destinations


Famous for its surf breaks, Costa Rica is heaven for many who love to body surf, bogie board, or even better yet surf. There are a number of destinations out there when it comes to surfing. Your surfing bucket list may contain hundreds of spots. If your list doesn’t include Costa Rica you’re missing out. Costa Rica has some great surfing spots for surfing enthusiast. No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. There are a number of hot spots you need to checkout.

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Top 5 Exercises To Lose Weight


If you are like me, you have little time to workout but when you do you want to burn the most calories possible. One great way to accomplish this is to implement interval cardio workouts into your schedule. Interval cardio consists of moving from one exercise to another within a specific period. Therefore, you may start with jogging for 15 minutes then switch to jump roping for another 15 minutes and finish by swimming for 10 minutes.

I have found that there are two types of people when it comes to working out. There are those who like the slow method low intensity workouts and those that like the faster more intense workouts. There are benefits to both and you will have to choose which fits you best.

For all you calorie counters, keep in mind that there 3,500 calories in one pound of body fat. Ideally a good workout should help you to lose one to two pounds of fat every week.

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