Mastering One Social Media Platform at a Time


Whether you are a large business or a small business, you are more than likely on some social media platforms. With almost 2.8 billion users worldwide, social media has become essential for businesses to improve brand awareness, boost traffic to their websites, and connect with their audience for seamless customer experience. It is clear that … Read more

7 Law Firm Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2020

law firm marketing trends

As an entrepreneur and attorney, there are a number of new marketing trends you are likely trying to keep up with every year.  In some cases, you might learn about them from consultants, industry blogs, or conferences, but others might not be as well-known and may take some experimenting.  If you have noticed a decline … Read more

What Is Search Engine Optimization?


The below information is also explained on the YouTube video “What Is Search Engine Optimization.” Imagine for a minute that you’re a librarian, but not a normal librarian. For every book in the world people depend on you every day to find the exact book they need for the information they are searching for. How … Read more

Googling Google’s Birthday: When’s It Really?

when is googles birthday?

Looking for Googles birthday? You might be surprised to find that not even Google seems to really know. Since 2006, the mega search engine has celebrated its birthday on September 27. But in 2005 they had celebrated on September 26. And in 2004…well we will address that in a minute. But First things first. As … Read more

Is The Marijuana Industry The Next Big Thing?

marijuana cannabis plant

If you’ve been looking for a new venture to invest in there are many industries, products, and million-dollar ideas you can roll the dice on.  While these opportunities might all be good options, as an entrepreneur and investor, you’re probably of the opinion that an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a … Read more

Success Quotes – Yes You Can!

success quotes

If you have ever felt like you needed a pick me up, or maybe needed something to inspire you, you’re in luck.  Below you will find 22 success quotes that will surely motivate and inspire  you in the face of failures and setbacks. “The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly … Read more

Online Marketing Bubble to Burst with Customers to Benefit


Let us first differentiate three terms. Traditional marketing uses print ads, billboards, calling cards, etc. Online marketing and digital marketing are oftentimes interchangeably used. Online marketing (OM) creates awareness on the web. Digital marketing is under OM and currently includes mobile marketing. Marketing using CDs is also in this category. Personally, this a sophisticated combination … Read more

9 Questions To Ask Your Next SEO Before Hiring


So you just decided to upgrade your online marketing by hiring an SEO expert. Congratulations! Now you are definitely thinking like a pro, ready to give your competitors a run for their money. Talent can be difficult to find. Good talent can seem nearly impossible, especially if you’re looking to hire an SEO or digital marketing … Read more

Is It Really That Lonely At The Top of Google SERPs?


For anyone who knows anything about click through rates, also know as CTR,  you know just how important and powerful something as small as a 1% increase in CTR can effect your campaigns.   And there is no better CTR than organic listings on Google.  The rates vary greatly between positions with the first position historically … Read more

Local SEO Handbook – The Tools You Need For Success


As a digital marketer you likely know one thing is certain…SEO seems to be constantly changing.  If you’re looking to rank using local SEO tactics it is very important to not only optimize your on-site metrics but also your off-site SEO as well.  Local competition can be heated.  If you’re not working to be at the top of your local rankings, your competitors likely will.

For anyone who needs to rank for local search phrases it is likely that you already know how to set up a Google Places for business account ( You have probably set up a Facebook business page as well. This is a good starting point but these are not the only accounts you will need for a successful local SEO campaign. Below are a few additional accounts you should create.

1. Google Map Maker
Google Map Maker (GMM) allows users to make updates or corrections to Google Maps. If you can’t seem to figure out a way around a road block you can correct it via the Map Maker.

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Improving Your Website Conversion Rates


website conversionIf you are like many people who own a website you probably want to get as many conversions as possible. Receiving hundreds of thousands of visitors every month doesn’t mean anything if you can’t close the deal. Having the right colors, making specific features/calls to actions pop, the wording in your headlines, and many other elements can all make a world of difference. When it comes to conversion rates, a small change can make a big difference.

To help fine tune your website into a conversion machine please find these essential conversion factors that should be tested regularly on your website.

Important Website Elements You Should Test

1.Calls to Action
a. Prominence
b. Wording
c. Color
d. Shape
e. Size

2. Point-of-action Assurances
a. Privacy Policy
b. No Fee Guarantee

3. Fonts
a. Font types
b. Bold, Italics & Underlined

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Tips on Buying a Used Rolex For The Busy Business Professionals

rolex submariner watch

Men who wear watches not only accessorize their styles but also command respect among other men. Due to the prestige that a watch gives its wearer it is vital that you do not just buy any time piece but an authentic watch. Rolex watches are among the best and most noteworthy models for men. Buy a Rolex and you will definitely have a valuable addition to your accessories. The cost of new luxury watch, however, might be out your price range but this should not be a cause for worry. You can still buy a pre owned Rolex at a friendly price. Some popular choices might include the vintage Rolex Submariner, Rolex GMT, DateJust II, or President watch. To ensure that you receive a fair price for your used watch there are a few tips to keep in mind before you hit the Rolex watch shops.

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The Digital Record Store: What’s Right, What’s Wrong

selling music onlineThe days of walking into Tower Records or The Warehouse are long, long gone. Gone are the days of painstakingly reading illegible titles from the titanic wall o’ audio cassettes, gone the days of row after row of CDs which must be lifted from the box before their contents can be known, gone the days of endless columns of shrink-wrapped vinyl LPs. Audiophiles know that all these formats are still available and popular to some stereoheads, but industry movers and shakers also know that there’s no money in hard audio merchandise, anymore. The record store has almost totally gone online.

There are good things and bad things about this. For one thing, it’s just no fun to click around a website (Amazon, say) to check out stuff you’ve never seen or heard before. There are practically limitless amounts of music coming out every day, and without any inside information, you might as well just pick the first thing that comes around and isn’t terrible. After all, you could otherwise be online all day. The old-fashioned way let you pick up an LP, turn it over in your hands, and check out all that awesome artwork. You never knew what the fold-out records looked like inside unless you unwrapped them, though, and that was cool, too!

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51 Great Email Marketing Providers


There are a number of challenges that come with email marketing. Once you are actually able to get your message to a persons inbox there are still a number of challenges such as the open rate, click through rate and getting people to make an action after reading your message.

With these and a number of other worries, you don’t want to have to worry about your email marketing service provider. To help you with the process, I have a list of 50 ezine serves below.


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Improving Your Content for Google’s Search Algorithm

website content marketing

I am sure that everyone and anyone who practices SEO has wondered exactly how Google’s search algorithm works. While no one but Google employees know exactly how the algorithm works, Google does leave some helpful hits here and there.  One of those great hidden treasures is the Google Inside Search Lesson Plans.   Google provides some helpful hits as to how they would like users to search which we as SEOs should consider when designing web pages.  Creating good content that will align with user expectations and Google’s search engine algorithm will help you maximize your visibility and usefulness to both users and Google.

I have watched one of the many videos provided on the site and here are a few takeaways.

Google will imply that the word “And” is between your search terms when you add a query.

For example, the search term “Grass Snake” is the same as typing “Grass and Snake.”  This means that all results brought up will need to have both the words “Grass”  and “Snake” in the document.

The order in which you type your keywords matter.  Snake grass could be a type of grass but grass snake could be a type of snake.  Although both use the same keywords they will give you different results.

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On Page Search Engine Ranking Factors


internet marketing seoFor anyone interested in SEO, onpage ranking factors should be a focus for your marketing campaign.  There are a number of important onpage ranking factors that are used in search engine algorithms and if ignored, you might not be able to rank for competitive keywords. These are all basic principles that can be effective if used correctly for your online business.

Some of the most important onpage factors include the following.

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Google Clickthrough Rates

google search

As an internet marketer it is always an exciting moment to receive a page one ranking for a keyword on Google. Once you have reached that peak you shouldn’t put exactly turn on cruse control. Receiving page one rankings on Google is not enough. You need to be within the first three rankings in Google’s organic listings to make a difference. Take a look at these statics to have a better understanding of the importance of a good SERP (Search Engine Results Page) listing.

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Removing Curley Quotes from Word 2010


After upgrading my office suite from 2007 to 2010, I was presented with a small problem.  Disabling the curly quotes from Word 2010.   For anyone who is an SEO you know how much damage these simple guys can cause.   Curley quotes, for anyone that doesn’t know, are the quotation marks around a word but instead of being straight Microsoft word makes them curly by default.   Why does this matter?  It’s simple really.  When you copy and paste documents that contain curley quotes to a website the website usually can’t read them/recognize them.  So instead of displaying quotation marks you end up with random gibberish where the quotation marks would have displayed.

If you are like me you want to disable them as soon as possible.  I added instruction simple instructions below.  If anyone has any trouble please contact me via the comment box below.

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How To Do A TraceRoute


A traceroute tracks how many transfers or hops your computers has to go through on a network before you reach are able to contact another computer/server. To use a traceroute you will need the other computers IP address ( or website address ( Directions for Windows Go to the start menu Go to Run When … Read more

Helping Google Help You


I was reading an old SEO book today and came across an interesting topic which was how to help Google find your back links. I am sure that we all have a number of back links that are not found or discounted by Google. You may have a great link from a PR7 site that you are still not getting credit for and are not sure why.

Well, I might be getting ahead of myself with this article. Before we get into the strategy behind this lets go over a few methods that are commonly used to check back links. For those who don’t know what back links are please visit “Common SEO Questions.”

The best place to check your back links is through Google Webmaster Tools. These are the back links that Google is telling you they have found. There is another function that you can use in the Google search box but you will not see a full list of credited back links. This is a great way, however, to find a few good links that your competitors have.

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Most Reliable Hosting Sites


This post is for anyone who is a webmaster and in search of a new host company. Below I have made a list of some reliable hosting companies all based on my own personal preference. Many of these companies you can research online for pricing. Depending on what you want their pricing could vary dramatically. If you are concerned with outage these are all good choices.

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