No Need to Google Up Really Interesting Google Logo History Facts – They’re All Here


There is no denying that the Google logo is one of the most recognizable logos out there, and it has managed to reach its current iconic status in just under a couple of decades. Since the date Google was found the brand has changed the our lives in way we would have never thought possible.

Google is the largest search engine site across the planet and it owns numerous well-known companies and innovative apps, too, and definitely deserves to brandish the kind of quintessential logo that it now has.


But, as one would expect, the Google logo has not always been this way. Through the years since the search engine came into being, its logo went through a number of upgrades.

There is really no need for you to start googling up all sorts of cool facts about the history of Google’s logo because they are all here – read on to know the most interesting and imperative of the bunch!

Fact # 1: The Logo Used to Sport an Exclamation Point

google beta 1980

When Google came into being in the early 1980s, the leading search engine back there was Yahoo! So the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, designed a logo with an exclamation point, in an attempt to imitate the logo of Yahoo! During that time, Google was actually just a graduate university project collaboration between Page and Brin. And by the way, a cost-free graphics computer program was the one used for making the logo.

Fact #2: A Stickman was Present on the Very First Google Doodle

first google doodleEvery now and then, Google comes up with a Google Doodle, a temporary Google logo that is meant to commemorate holidays, historical events, people and the search engine’s very own natal day. The very first Google Doodle was actually meant as a heads-up that everyone at the office was out. Also, it featured a stickman right behind the second “o” because the logo was created in lieu of the Burning Man festival.

Fact #3: The Exclamation Point was Scrapped

Google Logo Catull FontTime came when the founders, together with a hired designer named Ruth Kedar, decided to get rid of the exclamation point and also switch to a different font, the Catull typeface, for its very simple yet unmistakably sophisticated look. The use of primary colors was retained, as well as the green coloring of the letter “l” – a clear indicator that Google is fun and different, and not really the kind that sticks to the rule.

Fact #4: Pure and Simple Eventually Became the Thing

google 2013 logo official

Back in 2013, Google’s logo underwent some minor tweaks in order to make it look pure and simple. For instance, the design got rid of both drop shadows as well as highlights to make the letters appear flatter and uncomplicated. The typeface also had a makeover, something that resembled the previous typeface but a little simpler. Even though the same colors were used, they became lighter and thus easier on the eyes.

Fact #5: Finally, the “G” Icon Came Into Being

g icon for googleEventually, Google started to own many different companies, websites and smart phone apps, and it was inevitable for its logo to be spruced up. The currently-used typeface, which is Product Sans, was made by Google itself. The company now also uses the “G” icon for the various smart phone and tablet apps that it owns, and it features the four colors used on the desktop logo. By the way, the letter “e” remains tilted just like on the very first Google logo.

Straight From The Horses Mouth

Wouldn’t it be great if Google made a video outlining the history of their logo? Haha, you’re in luck, because we have found just that.