Tips on Buying a Used Rolex For The Busy Business Professionals

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Men who wear watches not only accessorize their styles but also command respect among other men. Due to the prestige that a watch gives its wearer it is vital that you do not just buy any time piece but an authentic watch. Rolex watches are among the best and most noteworthy models for men. Buy a Rolex and you will definitely have a valuable addition to your accessories. The cost of new luxury watch, however, might be out your price range but this should not be a cause for worry. You can still buy a pre owned Rolex at a friendly price. Some popular choices might include the vintage Rolex Submariner, Rolex GMT, DateJust II, or President watch. To ensure that you receive a fair price for your used watch there are a few tips to keep in mind before you hit the Rolex watch shops.

Go to A Trusted Dealer

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Due to the existence of tampered and counterfeit Rolex watches it is advisable that you only visit a used watch dealer who only sell’s Rolex Watches. These dealers will usually know every detail about this specific brand and can spot a fake relatively quick. This is the only place to buy or sell a Rolex. For those who are looking to purchase a watch it will ensure that you buy a genuine product. Besides this dealer will be obliged to sell goods that are in good condition because they know customer dissatisfaction is dangerous to their reputation.

Ask for Warranty

Some dealers will consider offering the above services for an additional cost. When it comes to pre owned watches you cannot tell how robust your wrist watch is. Therefore, it is a good idea to ask for a warranty or after sell services just in case your watch malfunctions.  A good second hand watch retailer may have serviced the watch before offering it for sale.  This is ideal so that you know your watch is in working order.  If a retailer has serviced the watch before hand, ask if they used authentic Rolex parts to service the wristwatch.  When buying a watch, you should only purchase one that has authentic parts, otherwise the watch may be considered a fake.

Ask for a Serial Number

A serial number is an important piece of information that you should not miss. The first three digits of the serial model number will help you know the year the watch you intend to buy watch was fabricated. This is particularly helpful as deciding factor when you have two similar watches and you are unable to make your pick. The serial number also indicates that the watch is authentic. Using the rolex serial numbers database could also give you valuable information on the specific watch you are looking to buy or sell.

Do Research Online

There is plenty of information on Rolex watches on the internet. Information from reputable watch makers and dealers can give insights about different models of watches. Besides there are plenty of pictures complementing information on watches. Once you set your eyes on a particular model you should dig for more information about it. There are also online stores that sell Rolex watches. To avoid getting scammed online communicate with the dealer and ask for all information about the watch and if possible their contingency plans when you do not get what you paid for.

Buy a Serviced Rolex Watch by a Reputable Service Center

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A Rolex that has recently been serviced by an authorized service center is in good shape. Since you are buying a pre owned watch, there is no harm in asking for a watch that has been serviced. Remember that you want your watch to perform perfectly and be in great shape.

Make it Clear to the Dealer That You Want an Authentic Watch

Some dealers stock different categories of watches. Some watches are assembled from Rolex watch parts while others have hybrid features. Making it clear to your dealer that you want an authentic will oblige him to sell you the one that you desire.

Buying a watch is a good thing to do. Just remember that the process of buying requires patience and due diligence in order to get a good watch. These tips if taken into account will help you save money as well as get a good deal.

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