Porsche Ultimate Buying Guide

porsche 911 2021

When seeking a luxury car there likely aren’t many names that come to mind who rival the reputation, performance, and class that a Porsche demands. I have driven a lot of cars and not many perform quite like a Porsche. This iconic manufacturer is famous for producing some of the best luxury cars in the world, with its Porsche 911 as one of the most recognizable sports cars.

Among the brands six models, Porsche offers a variety of cars from which you can choose your best option based on what you want in a car. Before choosing which Porsche model you should own, however, there are some important terms unique to Porsche models that you should know. These terms will give you a better understanding of the functionality of the car you are buying.

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Porsche Terms

Carrera: the word means “race” in Spanish. Porsche originally used it to celebrate race wins where its cars participated in Mexico in the 1950s. Currently, the company uses the word to refer to its racing-oriented models.  

PDK – these are initials that stand for Porsche Doppelkupplunggetriebe or “Porsche dual clutch gearbox” in English. The gearbox is known for its uniquely fast shifts and is only fitted in the advanced 911 models. If efficiency in gearshifts is something you are interested in, these initials would help in your search for a suitable Porsche model.

Tiptronic: At Porsche, this word refers to gearboxes with an automatic transmission that are also fitted with a manual shifting mode.

Targa: this word refers to Porsche cars with body styles that are part convertible and part coupe. When you retract its roof, the rooftop retracts leaving the roll bar in place for safety purposes.

Turbo: The word was originally, and still is, an engineering term that denotes a turbocharged engine. However, presently, all Porsche cars have turbocharged engines so when you hear the word in the context of Porsche cars, it refers to a powerful engine version of the car in question.

Boxer Engine: This is a word you will do well to know about. It refers to an engine designed with horizontally opposed pistons. In Porsche models, the engine lowers the car’s center of gravity and comes at a higher cost than the conventional V-shaped engines. 

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Broadly, there are six Porsche models from which you can choose the car of your taste. They include the 718 models, 911 models, Taycan models, Panamera models, Macan Models and the Cayenne models. The six models are uniquely designed with style and elegance in mind but differ in details that set them apart from each other.

718 Models

sample of porsche 718 models from website

Price range $115,900 – $214,680

The 718 models are designed based on the concept of sport in mind. They are all mid-engine cars that offer a road experience filled with a sporting experience. The mid-engine design makes it possible for the cars to have quality handling and two luggage compartments. The design feature also makes them powerful and fast. The 718 models are low, wide and smooth, with exteriors that set them apart from the other models by their contours and sporty edges. The models are also designed for comfort with ample legroom and adaptive dampers. All 718 models are fitted with a slick six-speed manual transmission that works in perfect harmony with their chassis and steering system to give the driver the sporty feeling that Porsche fans love. The models’ fuel economy is also good for sports cars. On a tarmacked road, the cars can do 21 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway. 

911 Models

Porsche 911 car

Price range $241,300 – $502,600

The 911 models are perhaps the most iconic of them all. These models have characterized Porsche for years now due to their unique fly line and the continuous light strip. If you want a model that will leave no doubt as to the fact that you are driving a Porsche at first sight, the 911 models are what you need. The models have a sporty interior made even sportier by the sporty seats and a cockpit with an instruments cluster. For all their apparent benefits, however, it is their performance that makes the 911 models stand out. The cars have a high-performance twin-turbo six-cylinder horizontally opposed engine fitted in the rear. Their gearboxes can perform a high-precision PDK transmission which increases the driving dynamics. Porsche has also invested heavily in the comfort of its 911 models. In addition to comfortable sports seats, the cars have a multifunction steering wheel that enables the driver to have no trouble using the audio equipment, the navigation functions and the phone. 

Taycan Models

Price range – £70,690 – £138,830

For electric car enthusiasts, this is your model. The models are the company’s first fully electric cars. If speed is something that attracts you to a car, then the Taycan models would interest you. Even though they do not have the neck-snapping acceleration of their turbo-charged counterparts, they are the fastest of all Porsche cars. The speed is enabled by a unique feature in electric cars namely, a two-speed gearbox, which sets the models apart from other cars in the world of electric cars. The models have a battery size of 71 – 84 kWh and an impressive range of 252-279 miles. The models beat their electric competitors by another Porsche power system innovation. The cars use a high-voltage power system which enables a high rate of charging without the need for a cooling system to protect the battery.     

Panamera Models

Price range $88,550 – $193,050

The Panamera models are the first front-engine four-dour cars made by Porsche. Its body style is a hybrid of a sports car and a sports sedan. Given their sizes and their safety designs, the models are perfect for families. For safety, the car is fitted with lane keep assist that helps drivers to maintain their lane under difficult circumstances. The cars’ safety features also include road signs recognition system and blind-spot monitoring that helps the drivers keep their passengers safe at all times. Their transmission is also top-notch as they have an eight-speed PDK automatic transmission. Like all Porsche models, the models also have impressive engine performance as evidenced by the fact all Panameras are fitted with twin-turbocharged engines. Some of the Panameras are hybrid cars that can also be powered electrically. In brief, the Panamera models are perfect for family cars as they mix space, luxury and the sporty feeling that Porsche fans look for in cars.      

Macan Models

Price range $54,900 – $79,900.

With these models, Porsche went for a cross between an SUV and a sports car. The cars are designed to give drivers the sporty while giving them more space for cargo and passengers than a typical sports car. As a standard, the models are fitted with a powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine. However, the more advanced of cars in the Macan models are fitted with the twin-turbo v6 engines that make them powerful and fast for an SUV. In all cars, a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox transmission is fitted, which increases the uniqueness of the crossbreed between a sports car and an SUV. The models also paid special attention to safety as they are fitted with advanced safety systems designed to help the drivers while on the road. For example, the cars are fitted with a lane departure warning system, an automated emergency braking system and an adaptive cruise control system. For its price, however, the model’s interior design and comfort do not match those of other Porsche models, and this has been the chief complaint of most Macan model owners. While it is not a disappointment by normal car standards, the interior design and comfort could have been designed better given Porsche’s reputation for luxury. the backseats, for example, have limited space for their passengers, which makes the model’s comfort design leave much to be desired.  

Cayenne Models

Price range $79,200 -$188,000 

The idea of Porsche, a renowned sports car manufacturer, making an SUV was received with caution by its fans. However, when they hit the market, the Cayenne models proved popular with the luxury car manufacturer’s lovers. Starting from the inside, the interior is impeccable for lovers of space and comfort. The dashboard design is borrowed from the Panamera models and improves the quality. It also includes a Porsche communication management system, electric seats, cruise control and leather trim. The models come in different engine capabilities with some using the 3.6-litre V6 with 300hp and others the 4.8-litre V8 engine. All the same, they are all-powerful engines that make the models perform at optimum levels. Their performances are further boosted by the 8-speed automatic transmission fitted in all Cayenne models. On the tarmac, the models are more agile than most of its competitors priced at a similar range. However, agility on the tarmac is not a surprise for a Porsche model. It is its performance off the road that makes it stand out as a luxury car. The models have a surprisingly strong chassis that make them perform well on muddy or rough roads. While most Porsche owners are not likely to drive on such roads, it is information you want to have just in case you need a car that can perform in such areas.