Camper Van Ultimate Buying Guide

Camper Van Buying Guide

Camper vans, if you ask us anyways, are the ultimate recreational vehical. There arn’t too many rides that maneuver well and still offer comforts usually found in motorhomes or camper trailers. It is no wonder why van lifestyles have become so popular in the US. Americans are creating memorial weekends, roadtrips, and some might even go off the grid creating an alternative lifestyle.

Not every model mention below is available in the US, but we know that we can’t make an ultimate guide without mentioning what we feel are top choices for anyone looking to buy their first camper van or upgrade. Below you will find some of our favorite choices.


Airstream is an Ohio-based brand that makes some of the most iconic camping trailers. In addition to their camping trailers they also offer a line of camper vans, such as the Interstate Nineteen. This 19-foot van offers a plethra of conveniences as part of a pricey line of touring coaches.


There likely isn’t a person out there who isn’t familar with the luxury offered by Mercedes. With that said there is likely no better choice than the pop-top camper called the Getaway. Offering a pull-out kitchen in the rear, awning, mosquito nets, room for five, and sleeps four. After viewing one at your local dealership be sure to ask about the fitted roof rack upgrade.


Known for its bus like RVs, Winnebago offers both affordable and more pricey options for consumers. Ranging between 100,000 to 200,000 the brand offers models such as the Solis (a pop-up) and petite version the Solis Pocket, as well as the Revel 4×4.


Oakland, California brand builds multi-use vans that can be part of your daily life as well as your weekend getaway vehicle. Their builds can haul like a truck but still allow for your mobile adventures.

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