Mercedes Benz S Class Ultimate Buying Guide

Mercedes Benz White 4 Door Car

If you’re looking for all the thrills that a German made luxury car can offer you will be hard pressed to find another model more appropriate than the Mercedes S-Class. This model has traditionally been Mercedes-flagship car, and the company might even claim it is also the industry’s flagship. In its sixth generation, the S-Class has always been a sector leader and a technological trailblazer. The W222, or sixth-generation automobile, was released as the 2014 model. It is available in long-wheelbase sedan, convertible, coupe, and sedan body styles. For 2018, the whole portfolio underwent a mid-cycle refresh, including a redesigned engine lineup.

The full-size luxury sedan goes up against German rivals like the Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, Porsche Panamera, Genesis G90, Kia K900, and Lexus LS.

What It’s Like To Drive

Mercedes Benz Interior

The best way to describe driving an s-class is quiet, responsive, comfortable and easy to drive.

An S-Class now glides down the road. When taking a sharp turn the car is smooth and composed offering a comfortable ride the entire journey.

The engine is powerful and responsive when you need it, as it should be at this price point.

If your seat has this function, it will gently cup your body when you turn, allowing you to stay upright without utilizing your abdominal muscles. It’ll accomplish all of this in less than four seconds while massaging your upper back and spraying a pleasant smell around the cabin.

Trim Level Breakdown

The S-Class is available as a coupe or a sedan. Both cars are available in AMG S63, AMG S65 S550, S550e, and S600 trims.

Mercedes-Benz S Class Engines

350d, 400d (diesel) Hybrid: 560 e EQ Power 450, 500, AMG 63, AMG 65 Petrol: 450, 500, AMG 63, AMG 65

The diesel engines in the S-Class are so fantastic that it’s difficult to justify the gasonline version unless you want the sportier Mercedes-AMG variants’ performance.

The engine numbers solely provide information on the engines’ power outputs, not their size. For example, the 350d has a 3.0-liter engine that generates 286 horsepower, whereas the 400d has a 3.0-liter engine that produces 340 horsepower.

The 350d is our selection because of its combination of economy, power, and smoothness. The 400d is more powerful and more fuel-efficient.

The size of the wheels influences the economy numbers for all engines, diesel, and gasoline, which explains the ranges in our table below. However, the variations are minor and are unlikely to bother most customers.

The gas engines are more powerful and slightly faster – though the diesel will almost certainly outpace them in an overtaking situation – they are also significantly less fuel-efficient. If you’re concerned about that final point, the 560e EQ Power, a plug-in hybrid, could be interesting. Its economy and emissions stats are remarkable, thanks to the fact that it can go up to 25 miles on electric power alone. Although it is quick, recharging the battery at a charging station can take 1.5 hours. It’s stored in the trunk and takes up 115 liters of space.

If you’re looking for a car with a lot of power, the Mercedes-AMG 63 and 65 models are the ones to consider. These aren’t just go-faster versions; they’re well-engineered performance variants with a price tag to match.

The New Features Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The new S-Class uses digital technology to build a vehicle that is sympathetic to the wants and desires of its driver and passengers. Below we outine a quick overview with some of the key features:


Mercedes gas engine

An S-Class is usually at the forefront of every year. Some of the newests features can be found on the S-Class offerings. If there is a new feature the brand is looking to release it is likely you will find it available in an S Class model. Here are just a few of to be on the look out for.

MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) is intuitive and clever, and it becomes smarter with time. The company developed a digital cockpit with multiple touchscreens and multitouch gestures that recognize your fingerprints and natural voice.

Recalls your preferences and recognizes you

Content may be shared or viewed separately on up to five displays, each with a 12.8-inch Organic LED display (OLED). In the vehicle or on your phone, you may customize 800 settings in up to seven user accounts.

Front airbags. Even in back

As a pioneer in occupant protection, the S-class is known for its innovation in safety. The benefits of front airbags can be extended to the rear cabin.

Vehicles equipped with rear-cabin airbags may require additional safety measures. You may decide to disable the rear-seat airbags for various reasons, including whether front- or rear-facing child restraint systems are involved or for other reasons indicated in the Operator’s Manual, depending on your individual circumstances. The operator’s handbook may include additional warnings and information on airbags, seat belts, and child seats. If proper safety precautions are not taken, the forces of a deploying airbag might cause serious or fatal injuries.

Easier in here. Safer out there

A comprehensive set of driver assistance features is included as a standard. To sharpen anticipation, hasten reaction, adjust more fluidly, see ahead and into neighboring lanes, and tap into GPS and real-time data.

Some systems can be turned off. Even the most sophisticated safety systems may not be enough to prevent an accident. It is the driver’s obligation to be aware of traffic and road conditions at all times and to give the appropriate steering, braking, and other driving inputs to maintain vehicle control. It is recommended that drivers not wait for system signals before braking or taking evasive action since this may not provide enough time and space.


Mercedes Car Emblem

Signature features, majestic proportions, and a windswept sportiness come together in a contemporary S-Class sedan while being unmistakably S-Class. The glittering star adorns the famous grille, serving as a light of inspiration for all automobiles to come.

Thousands of stitches, seamless result

Fresh technology is encased in finely fitted leathers, exotic wood and metal accent, and unwavering attention to workmanship and precision. From switches to speakers, stitchwork to sculpting, every aspect provides a balance of form and function.

In the background, at the moment

The 64-color ambient lighting may be mixed, sequenced, and modified to fit your current mood or to help you create one.

Blind Area Assist is merely a warning system; it may not be enough to prevent all accidents involving cars in your blind zone, and it cannot predict approaching vehicle speed. It should not be used to substitute a driver’s knowledge of and assessment of local traffic conditions. Exit Warning Assist works for three minutes after the car is turned off or until the rearview mirror indication flashes three times.

Fill the air, feel the sound

Burmester® 3D Surround Sound is a standard feature that provides immersive, tailored audio. Resonators are built into the chairs of the High-End 4D option, allowing you to feel the music. Rather than the entire cabin, ear-level speakers transmit driving information to the driver.

Distinctive lines, distinguished bloodlines

Crisp chrome highlights and a choice of three 19-inch or 20-inch wheel styles are standard on the Luxury Line. AMG® wheel choices up to 21 inches are available with the stylishly aggressive AMG Line and black-accented Night Package.


Mercedes Benz AMG

The forward-thinking performance combines turbo and electric boost for more than 400 horsepower in every model. For all-year, all-road confidence, torque is precisely proportioned to all four air-suspended wheels.

Turbo torque, electric boost

A unique hybrid Integrated Starter Generator may boost torque electrically and improve the smoothness of ECO Start/Stop. An electronic auxiliary compressor boosts the S 500’s inline-6 turbo’s 429 horsepower. The S 580 V8 produces 496 horsepower thanks to dual turbos.

Tighter turns, smoother maneuvers

Parking and city maneuvers can be made easier with rear-axle steering. The rear wheels may turn in lockstep at high speeds with the front wheels for faster lane changes or respond to driving dynamics for more stable handling. The Executive Line has a 10-degree system, while the AMG Line has a 4.5-degree alternative.

Moving modes for changing moods

DYNAMIC SELECT driving modes enable you to tune in performance with a few fingertips, whether you want it to be effortless or exciting. The 9-speed gearbox, suspension, and other features sharpen in Sport mode, soften in ECO mode, or you may create your mode.

Level-headed, surefooted

From winter’s wrath to tight corners, standard 4MATIC® all-wheel drive provides torque to the tires that can best convert traction into motion. Each wheel’s AIRMATIC® air suspension may be adjusted for improved agility and poise. The E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL, which was just introduced, can monitor the road ahead and respond in milliseconds.

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