What Keeps You Up At Night – Snoring Solutions For Your Spouce

Snoring Solutions Pills Spray

Snoring Kit: Spray, Pills and Extinguisher.

If you are keeping your significant other up at night SnoreStop might have a solution that is right for you. There is nothing worse that a loud neighbor who keeps you up all night. Waking up every morning feeling exhausted should not be a normal occurrence.

I was a little skeptical at first but after reading the Snore Stop FAQ page I figured that I would give it a try. My wife claims that I have a snoring problem so I tested out their starter pack in hopes of a quick and safe solution. Nasal sprays have never been my style but for the sake of this review I tested out all three. Continue reading

Local SEO Handbook – The Tools You Need For Success

For anyone who needs to rank for local search phrases it is likely that you already know how to set up a Google Places for business account (http://www.google.com/business/placesforbusiness/). You have probably set up their Facebook business page as well. This is a good starting point but these are not the only accounts you will need for a successful local SEO campaign. Below are a few additional accounts you should create.

1. Google Map Maker
Google Map Maker (GMM) allows users to make updates or corrections to Google Maps. If you can’t seem to figure out a way around a road block you can correct it via the Map Maker. Continue reading

Tips on Buying a Used Rolex For The Busy Business Professionals

mens luxury watchMen who wear watches not only accessorize their styles but also command respect among other men. Due to the prestige that a watch gives its wearer it is vital that you do not just buy any time piece but an authentic watch. Rolex watches are among the best and most noteworthy models for men. Buy a Rolex and you will definitely have a valuable addition to your accessories. The cost of new luxury watch, however, might be out your price range but this should not be a cause for worry. You can still buy a pre owned Rolex at a friendly price. To ensure that you receive a fair price for your used watch there are a few tips to keep in mind before you hit the Rolex watch shops. Continue reading

The Digital Record Store: What’s Right, What’s Wrong

selling music onlineThe days of walking into Tower Records or The Warehouse are long, long gone. Gone are the days of painstakingly reading illegible titles from the titanic wall o’ audio cassettes, gone the days of row after row of CDs which must be lifted from the box before their contents can be known, gone the days of endless columns of shrink-wrapped vinyl LPs. Audiophiles know that all these formats are still available and popular to some stereoheads, but industry movers and shakers also know that there’s no money in hard audio merchandise, anymore. The record store has almost totally gone online.

There are good things and bad things about this. For one thing, it’s just no fun to click around a website (Amazon, say) to check out stuff you’ve never seen or heard before. There are practically limitless amounts of music coming out every day, and without any inside information, you might as well just pick the first thing that comes around and isn’t terrible. After all, you could otherwise be online all day. The old-fashioned way let you pick up an LP, turn it over in your hands, and check out all that awesome artwork. You never knew what the fold-out records looked like inside unless you unwrapped them, though, and that was cool, too! Continue reading

Top 10 Vehicle Picks for 2013

top 10 vehicle picksMaking this Top 10 list is not easy by any means. In making this list a number of factors have been considered. For 2013, there are 10 new winners in seven categories. Honda was a no-show last year, but it has picked up three slots on this year’s list with the redesigned Accord and the CR-V and Odyssey. Two European automakers return to the list; the BMW 328i and the Audi A6 are those carmakers’ first entries in our winners’ circle in 10 and 13 years, respectively. Also new are the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ sports-car twins. And the Hyundai Elantra has returned after a one-year hiatus. No pickup was chosen because GM’s and Chrysler’s full-sized models have been revamped and we haven’t yet tested them.

For Mid Sized Sedan the Honda Accord was chosen for its 2013 redesigned style, and sending this sedan to the top of its class. This new model is roomy, nice to drive, well equipped, and very fuel efficient. With its four-cylinder engine, the Accord squeezes out 30 mpg overall and 40 on the highway, which is as good as the tiny Honda Fit. Higher-trim models have safety features seldom found in this category.

This year’s sports car of the year Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ co-developed by Subaru and Toyota, which builds Scion vehicles, both are exhilarating to drive, with super-sharp handling, excellent braking, and ample acceleration. Continue reading

Selling Your Music Online: a Beginner’s Guide


The first thing you need to know about selling your music online as an artist is that it’s very slow going for most musicians who try to sell their albums from an official artist’s website. Even gigantic bands playing live music concerts regularly like Metallica and enormously popular pop stars like Jay-Z sell hardly any music from their respective official sites (metallica.com or jay-z.com, perhaps) compared to what they sell from outlets like iTunes and Amazon. This is because selling music online is more than simply making songs available.

Selling music online requires placement on sites who are likely to show up on page 1 of a Google search. This means giant companies like Amazon and iTunes. But how does one get one’s music on iTunes to begin with? The answer is in online music distribution companies. These crews are experts at getting your music from point A to point B, except that point B is actually hundreds of online music stores, rather than just one site (Mondo Tunes boasts more than 750 stores in their distro channels, in fact). Continue reading

Improving Your Website Conversion Rates

website conversionIf you are like many people who own a website you probably want to get as many conversions as possible. Receiving hundreds of thousnads of visitors every month doesn’t mean anything if you can’t close the deal. To help fine tune your website into a conversion machine please find these essential conversion factors that should be tested regularly on your website.

Important Website Elements You Should Test

1.Calls to Action
a. Prominence
b. Wording
c. Color
d. Shape
e. Size
2. Point-of-action Assurances
a. Privacy Policy
b. No Fee Guarantee
3. Fonts
a. Font types
b. Bold, Italics & Underlined Continue reading

3 Healthy Snacks to Help You Lose Weight

healthy diet foods snacksIf you are looking to lose weight there is an essential element that too many people overlook. By adding in time for snacking you can keep your metabolism burning. This can help you from over eating due to hunger.

When snacking you shouldn’t just eat anything you picked up at the local liquor store. Make sure you choose healthy snacks. Below we have provided three excellent snacks to help conquer your hunger and lose weight.
Continue reading

How to Get Ripped Abs

ab workoutsAre you like many Americans who want to lose weight and build rock solid abs? I am sure that everyone wants a six pack but for some it seems like just a dream. The concept may sound simple, but putting it into action can be quite challenging and that is where some go astray.

Don’t spend another minute thinking that it is out of reach. One of the biggest reasons why you could fail is due to burnout or motivation. Whatever you do, don’t stop your workout routine even if you feel like it is taking too long to get results. If you know that you are one who need motivation don’t try to do it alone. Hire a trainer to help you. Continue reading

Costa Rica Surfing Destinations

Costa Rica SurfingThere are a number of destinations out there when it comes to surfing. Your surfing bucket list may contain hundreds of spots. If your list doesn’t include Costa Rica you’re missing out. Costa Rica has some great surfing spots for surfing enthusiast. No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. There are a number of hot spots you need to checkout. Continue reading