Car Models that Could Vanish Soon

Mitsubishi Eclipe 2012

The auto industry is full of well-known cars that seem to be reintroduced as new models every half century or so. Why do automakers do this? Because the cost to introduce a new name and raise brand awareness could cost $100 million-plus. You may have noticed this with BMW’s 3 Series, a car that has been using the same name for over 37 years. Or maybe the Honda Accord, which has been selling for 36 years.

Recently, Dodge made an announcement that they will reintroduce the Dodge Dart. The Dart has been discontinued since 1976 but the name recognition is still strong. Recycling the Dart brand awareness could be a decision worth $100 million or more.

A few cars have not been so lucky. Instead of carrying over their name, a number of automanufacturers are actually saying farewell. Below are a few of the car that will make their way into the auto graveyard.

  • Chevrolt HHR: The HHR was designed to compete with Chryler’s PT Cruiser, which were selling like hotcakes. The model was released too late in the game and by the time it was on the market the PT Cruiser affair was nearly over.
  • Jeep Compass & Patriot: Bad fuel economy (compared to many of its competing models), cheap interiors, wheel and tires. These Jeep’s will be missed by a select few
  • Buick Lucerne: Introduced in 2006 as a replacement for the old Park Avenue and LeSabre cars. The car did not appear to many drivers and now the last model year of these cars are slowly moving from dealer lots.
  • Mitsubishi Eclipe: After 22 years in production the Mitsubish Eclipe is pulling this model out of the US Market.