When Only A Compression Pedal Will Do


Everybody loves sustain. The word says it all. When tone, notes, or chords clearly sound longer than usual, mere mortals get that hazy, fascinated look. For guitarists, improving sustain is a never-ending quest. Heavier picks and strings, the E-bow, or Sound Stone, installing bone nuts and graphite saddles, and searching for specific Gibson or Fender … Read more

Online Marketing Bubble to Burst with Customers to Benefit


Let us first differentiate three terms. Traditional marketing uses print ads, billboards, calling cards, etc. Online marketing and digital marketing are oftentimes interchangeably used. Online marketing (OM) creates awareness on the web. Digital marketing is under OM and currently includes mobile marketing. Marketing using CDs is also in this category. Personally, this a sophisticated combination … Read more

Review: 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster

mercedes roadster 1200x900

Always seen as an expensive toy, any car with the Benz logo can make anyone envious. Anywhere in the world, man’s half-century familiarity with the name and what it stands for makes many brands pale in comparison. Always tantalizing car aficionados, Mercedes is currently offering different flip-top Roadsters in its seven-model lineup of AMG GT, … Read more

The Way It Was – Analog Recording Survives


It was a lifetime ago when vinyl records ruled. Amazingly, the sales it’s getting lately is $416 million. Now, that’s amazing since everything is digitally recorded. It’s like 1988 all over again when music was coming out from analog recording studios and when recorded audio is exactly the same quality sound we hear in a … Read more

Review: Ford F-150 Raptor: Does It Hold Up To It’s Name?


You know it’s a Raptor because of its massive suspension, giant Ford grille and those beefy tires. They all give the identity of this great vehicle right away. The old all-conquering, V8-powered sled, made its last appearance in 2014 leaving people wondering what happened and if Ford needs to do anything else to make it … Read more

9 Questions To Ask Your Next SEO Before Hiring


So you just decided to upgrade your online marketing by hiring an SEO expert. Congratulations! Now you are definitely thinking like a pro, ready to give your competitors a run for their money. Talent can be difficult to find. Good talent can seem nearly impossible, especially if you’re looking to hire an SEO or digital marketing … Read more

Is It Really That Lonely At The Top of Google SERPs?


For anyone who knows anything about click through rates, also know as CTR,  you know just how important and powerful something as small as a 1% increase in CTR can effect your campaigns.   And there is no better CTR than organic listings on Google.  The rates vary greatly between positions with the first position historically … Read more

Local SEO Handbook – The Tools You Need For Success


As a digital marketer you likely know one thing is certain…SEO seems to be constantly changing.  If you’re looking to rank using local SEO tactics it is very important to not only optimize your on-site metrics but also your off-site SEO as well.  Local competition can be heated.  If you’re not working to be at the top of your local rankings, your competitors likely will.

For anyone who needs to rank for local search phrases it is likely that you already know how to set up a Google Places for business account (http://www.google.com/business/placesforbusiness/). You have probably set up a Facebook business page as well. This is a good starting point but these are not the only accounts you will need for a successful local SEO campaign. Below are a few additional accounts you should create.

1. Google Map Maker
Google Map Maker (GMM) allows users to make updates or corrections to Google Maps. If you can’t seem to figure out a way around a road block you can correct it via the Map Maker.

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Improving Your Website Conversion Rates


website conversionIf you are like many people who own a website you probably want to get as many conversions as possible. Receiving hundreds of thousands of visitors every month doesn’t mean anything if you can’t close the deal. Having the right colors, making specific features/calls to actions pop, the wording in your headlines, and many other elements can all make a world of difference. When it comes to conversion rates, a small change can make a big difference.

To help fine tune your website into a conversion machine please find these essential conversion factors that should be tested regularly on your website.

Important Website Elements You Should Test

1.Calls to Action
a. Prominence
b. Wording
c. Color
d. Shape
e. Size

2. Point-of-action Assurances
a. Privacy Policy
b. No Fee Guarantee

3. Fonts
a. Font types
b. Bold, Italics & Underlined

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Tips on Buying a Used Rolex For The Busy Business Professionals

rolex submariner watch

Men who wear watches not only accessorize their styles but also command respect among other men. Due to the prestige that a watch gives its wearer it is vital that you do not just buy any time piece but an authentic watch. Rolex watches are among the best and most noteworthy models for men. Buy a Rolex and you will definitely have a valuable addition to your accessories. The cost of new luxury watch, however, might be out your price range but this should not be a cause for worry. You can still buy a pre owned Rolex at a friendly price. Some popular choices might include the vintage Rolex Submariner, Rolex GMT, DateJust II, or President watch. To ensure that you receive a fair price for your used watch there are a few tips to keep in mind before you hit the Rolex watch shops.

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Why Classic Cars Are Out Performing Hedge Funds

Classic Porsche in White

It isn’t everyday that your finical advisor suggests a garage full of classic cars for your portfolio. For those lucky enough to have made good money investing in hedge funds, it might be time to take a second look at that cool ’69 Porsche in the neighbor’s driveway. Investing in classic cars may bring a … Read more

Unique, Incomparable & Quite Possibly The Coolest Guitar Model Gibson Has Made

As a guitar player I’ve always enjoyed the sleek curves and stylish presence that the Gibson Explorer exudes. The first time I laid eyes on one was in middle school while visiting Guitar Center. Nothing else compared. With such a modern look it is surprising for most to learn that the Explorer models date as … Read more

Warm Up Stretches For Athletes


You should warm up by doing dynamic stretches, which are like your workout but at a lower intensity. A good warm-up before a run could be a brisk walk, walking lunges, leg swings, high steps, etc. Simple Back Stretch Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees bent slightly. Lean forward, placing your hands just … Read more

Gibson vs. Fender: Which is Better?

Gibson vs Fender

Fender or Gibson? That is the question. The two most popular guitar makers are often compared, with fans of each swearing their make is better. Considering that a significant portion of guitars available today are based off either Fender or Gibson designs, it is no surprise that the debate is raging. So, which of the … Read more

Caring For Maple Trees

maple tree

Maple trees are commonly found in the Northern temperature zones of the United States. These trees will vary in size according to species. Most trees will grow 15 – 145 feet high. The shrub varieties can be less than 10 feet tall. Maples are a type of deciduous tree. Their flowers stand upright and are … Read more

Sago Palm Trees


The Sago Palm tree can be a beautiful addition to your home. Their dark olive green leaves and lively shape is relatively easy tree to grow and maintain as long as you prepare a proper space. This is a slow growing and hardy plant that has been known to live in temperatures of 20° F … Read more

Black Magic Elephant Ear


Dark purple stalks with large dark purple (almost black) leaves that give the appearance of an elephant ear is the best way that I can describe these magnificent tropical plants. The Black Magic Elephant Ear or Colocasia esculenta, is a fast growing plant that requires shade to partial sun. If left out in hot direct … Read more

Hydrangea Flower Care Tips


There are a number of common names for the Hydrangea. This flower is part of a genus of about 70 to 75 species of flowering plants. Hydrangeas are a native to southern and eastern Asia as well as North and South America. These species can range from plants as small as 1 meter tall and … Read more

Tulips Care Tips


Tulips grow best in areas with cold winters, cool springs, and cool summers. These beautiful flowers come in a number of different sizes, colors, and shapes depending on the variety. When planting Tulips, look for areas that provide full sun to light shade. Avoid planting near foundations, on step slopes, or in heavy shade. This … Read more

Facts & Care For Red Eyed Tree Frogs


Red eyed tree frogs are an amazing species native to the rain forests of Central America. These frogs love to explore the foliage climbing up and down the forest ceilings. If you decide to purchase a captive bread frog it will be a good idea to provide your frog with a number of branches and … Read more

Almost Dawn Performing Fire Tiger

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Things to Do In Aspen, CO

Things To Do In Aspen Co

If you are planning a trip to Aspen, Colorado you are in for a treat. Natural beauty allows for scenic hikes while the city offers plenty of upscale modern amenities. If you want to experience some of the top attractions be sure to schedule time for all of our attractions below.

1. Aspen Art Museum – This non-collecting Art Museum known for exhibitions that include contemporary art such as innovative drawings, paintings, sculptures, and more.
2. Wheeler Opera House – A great place to catch Broadway shows, jazz and rock performances, opera, Community Theater and much more. Check out their website for upcoming events and availability.

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The Digital Record Store: What’s Right, What’s Wrong

selling music onlineThe days of walking into Tower Records or The Warehouse are long, long gone. Gone are the days of painstakingly reading illegible titles from the titanic wall o’ audio cassettes, gone the days of row after row of CDs which must be lifted from the box before their contents can be known, gone the days of endless columns of shrink-wrapped vinyl LPs. Audiophiles know that all these formats are still available and popular to some stereoheads, but industry movers and shakers also know that there’s no money in hard audio merchandise, anymore. The record store has almost totally gone online.

There are good things and bad things about this. For one thing, it’s just no fun to click around a website (Amazon, say) to check out stuff you’ve never seen or heard before. There are practically limitless amounts of music coming out every day, and without any inside information, you might as well just pick the first thing that comes around and isn’t terrible. After all, you could otherwise be online all day. The old-fashioned way let you pick up an LP, turn it over in your hands, and check out all that awesome artwork. You never knew what the fold-out records looked like inside unless you unwrapped them, though, and that was cool, too!

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Top 10 Vehicle Picks for 2013

auto show cars

Making this Top 10 list is not easy by any means. In making this list a number of factors have been considered. For 2013, there are 10 new winners in seven categories. Honda was a no-show last year, but it has picked up three slots on this year’s list with the redesigned Accord and the CR-V and Odyssey. Two European automakers return to the list; the BMW 328i and the Audi A6 are those carmakers’ first entries in our winners’ circle in 10 and 13 years, respectively.

Selling Your Music Online: a Beginner’s Guide



The first thing you need to know about selling your music online as an artist is that it’s very slow going for most musicians who try to sell their albums from an official artist’s website. Even gigantic bands playing live music concerts regularly like Metallica and enormously popular pop stars like Jay-Z sell hardly any music from their respective official sites (metallica.com or jay-z.com, perhaps) compared to what they sell from outlets like iTunes and Amazon. This is because selling music online is more than simply making songs available.

Selling music online requires placement on sites who are likely to show up on page 1 of a Google search. This means giant companies like Amazon and iTunes. But how does one get one’s music on iTunes to begin with? The answer is in online music distribution companies. These crews are experts at getting your music from point A to point B, except that point B is actually hundreds of online music stores, rather than just one site (Mondo Tunes boasts more than 750 stores in their distro channels, in fact).

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