Costa Rica Surfing Destinations

Costa Rica SurfingThere are a number of destinations out there when it comes to surfing. Your surfing bucket list may contain hundreds of spots. If your list doesn’t include Costa Rica you’re missing out. Costa Rica has some great surfing spots for surfing enthusiast. No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. There are a number of hot spots you need to checkout.

Best Costa Rica Surfing Spots

La Canita

If you head down to the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica “La Canita” there is a great spot near Playa Pavones where you can catch some of the best waves. The Waves can be so good at La Canita that some rides will last over 3 minutes!

The wave starts at the mouth of Rio Claro and will end about a kilomenter after. If you don’t want to paddle back against the current it is best to walk back to the mouth of Rio Claro after you have wiped out.


Destination number two is a little area of Costa Rica called Tamarindo. This destination remains the most popular and well known on the north pacific coast. Experience reef breaks such as Witches Rock and Ollie’s Point as well as surf breaks in the rivermouth.

You can get there by using the paved roads or by shuttle plane, which can carry a surf boards less than 7 feet.


Digital Marketer with a bad addiction for guitars and cool cars.


Digital Marketer with a bad addiction for guitars and cool cars.

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