Uber Vs. Lyft; The Battle For A Cleaner Environment | Lyft May Be Taken The Lead In 2018

Ridesharing has changed lives. Not only for drivers, but also for general commuting. But the growing global ride-sharing utopia might just be too convenient when it comes to transport. Although, there is no doubt that it makes lives easier. In a way, it’s making lives too easy. With more citizens relying on ride-sharing to commute…

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Top 10 Vehicle Picks for 2013

Making this Top 10 list is not easy by any means. In making this list a number of factors have been considered. For 2013, there are 10 new winners in seven categories. Honda was a no-show last year, but it has picked up three slots on this year’s list with the redesigned Accord and the CR-V and Odyssey. Two European automakers return to the list; the BMW 328i and the Audi A6 are those carmakers’ first entries in our winners’ circle in 10 and 13 years, respectively.

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