Top 5 Cool Cars You Need To Know About

2023 Land Rover Defender

The coolest cars are the ones that have become timeless classics and instant favorites on bedroom posters, phone screens, and laptop screensavers. They instantly draw the eye of everyone, from car aficionados to the average person they drive past on the street. Cars that look cool, and drive well, quickly become known worldwide and then stand the test of time when fads and trends have long passed by.

What Makes Cool Cars Stand Out from the Rest?

Whether it’s the newest speedster on the scene or one of the coolest classic cars around – a cool car has an indefinable “it” factor that marks it out from other vehicles. There is no one formula that car manufacturers can turn to so that their new model becomes one of the cool cars to drive. Instead, there are a multitude of factors that contribute to a car’s cult status.

Whether it’s cars that look cool on the road, vehicles with incredible technology on board, or the vintage glamour of the coolest classic cars – what makes each car cool is as individual as the car itself. However, some factors can help to elevate a vehicle from a run-of-the-mill option to a stand-out choice.

  • Sports Cars have long been known as cool cars to own. High-performance cars that can go the distance at formula or rallying speeds are always a cut above the host of everyday cars which have been subject to a sporty makeover. The sense of danger involved, and the driving skill required, make these cool cars a perpetually popular choice.
  • Limited Edition Cars have undeniable cool status. The idea of owning a car that few others will ever own is incredibly attractive to many car lovers and when this exclusivity is combined with cars that look cool, a new car classic just might be born!
  • Iconic Celebrity Connections can make certain vehicles popular with collectors of cool cars. In fact. connections between celebrities and their onscreen cars have created some of the coolest classic cars in popular memory. Think James Bond and Aston Martins and Steve McQueen and the Ford Mustang he drove in the classic movie Bullitt.
  • Understated, Classic Design. Whereas some prefer showy muscle cars and brash souped-up vehicles when it comes to the coolest classic cars understated design is often a key factor. Beautiful cars that look cool due to their sleek, elegant shape and attractive lines can become favorites among collectors of cool cars precisely because they lack the more ostentatious trappings of shower models. Subtle high performance can make a car an instant cool classic.
  • A Cool Car Model Name. Although never enough to draw in car enthusiasts alone, it is undeniable that a great model name can turn the cool factor up a few notches. Names like the Lamborghini Diablo, Shelby Cobra, and Porsche 911 Carrera help to portray an image and idea which can help to up the attractiveness of cars that look cool and drive well.
  • Expensive Price Tags. Another essential factor for some people when it comes to cool cars is a hefty price tag! An air of exclusivity can make cool cars even more desirable to those who want to know they are driving the best that money can buy.

Deciding on a list of the ultimate cool cars can be tricky. As you can see above there are plenty of variables to consider when picking between the coolest classic cars and modern cars that have been instant hits with drivers and hobbyists. However, we have pulled together a list of the top 5 favorites for you to consider.

The Top 5 Cool Cars You Need to Know About!

The Citroen DS

The name DS hints at the French word “déesse” meaning goddess and the Citroen DS has an undeniable claim amongst the pantheon of cool cars! It may not be the speediest vehicle around, nor is it the most expensive or exclusive – but it has smart engineering and stylish design most definitely on its side!

One of the sleekest and coolest classic cars, the 1955 debut of the vehicle saw approximately 20,000 preorders on the very first day! And it’s been an icon of chic and stylish French car design ever since. 

The Citroen DS featured some innovative engineering options which made waves around the world, including adjustable suspension and lowering of system pressure when the engine stops. All of this marks it out as an easy choice when it comes to the Top 5 cool cars!

The Jaguar E Type

No list of cars that look cool would be complete without the Jaguar E Type. When the legendary Enzo Ferrari first saw the model at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show, he famously said it was “the most beautiful car ever made.”

The sporty speedster remains a marker of cool cars today. With its elegant lines, signature lone bonnet and compact rear – the shape of this vehicle is instantly recognizable to all car lovers whether young or old.

The E Type was a 1961 continuation of the C Type and D Type racing models which were so successful during the 1950s racing scenes and included a lot of the same technology. Completely independent suspension, straight-six engine, and rack and pinion steering mark out this vehicle as one of the speediest coolest classic cars.

The Lancia Stratos

This 1970s vehicle mixes iconic and attractive design with a mid-mounted Ferrari engine, giving car lovers the best of both worlds. The car became an instant classic with those looking for cool cars to speed around in while standing out from the crowd.

The radical concept car is fit for a rally but features an individual wedge-like design and compact cockpit area designed by the iconic Marcello Gandini. A definite game changer when it first arrived, this coolest of classic cars was a definite game changer when it hit the scene.

The Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender encompasses all the strengths of the classic Land Rover models which preceded it and made the vehicles a perpetual choice for cool cars for generations. From the 1940s onwards, Land Rover has consistently created the coolest classic cars which provide unique driving capabilities with impressive and strident design choices.

Both a practical and capable vehicle in a country setting and a popular city ride choice, the Land Rover has its own unique spot in the history of cool cars. The understatement of the iconic design is one of its strengths – giving the vehicle a flexible utilitarian factor which means it is an automatic pick of cool cars for drivers across the globe.

The Lamborghini Miura

No list of the coolest classic cars is complete without the name Lamborghini and the Miura model made huge waves when it was first introduced in the 1960s. The famous curvy, front-engined body was also designed by the legendary Marcello Gandini and set the design template for all Lamborghini models to this day.

The 1965 introduction of the model at the Turin motor show made an immediate impact. In fact, during the car show, just the details of the new traverse mid-engine and compact vehicle dimensions were revealed. And this was enough to get car aficionados making down payments – way before the iconic body shape was revealed!

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