Time To Tune up That Old Laptop of Yours


Old ComputerIf you have recently glanced at your latest bank statement you might be like the rest of America in this terrible economy. For those who are looking to get a few extra miles out of their laptop, I may have just the solution.  And best of all, you won’t feel it in your pocket book.

Lets start by cracking open that old laptop and taking a look at your operating system. If you are running windows 7 or windows 10 on an older computer you might want to re-install it or possibly try to find an old version of XP. Re-installing Windrows can clear up a number of clots in the system that may have developed over the years. Downgrading to XP will require less resources and therefore speed up your system. If you only need basic functions you might consider a switch to Ubantu instead of Windows. It requires less resources to run and could speed up your computer significantly.

Battery Life

For those with older laptops a dead battery can really put a downer on your day. Lithium Ion batteries tend to lose 20% of their life annually. You can see why a battery doesn’t work as effectively with in a few years after running the numbers. There are a few steps you can take to prolong the loss of battery life.

  • Avoid Heat! too much heat will kill a batteries life so avoid it whenever possible. One thing I like to do when at home is allow my laptop to cool off before putting it in my laptop bag.
  • If you always have your charger plugged in unplug it every now and then. Forcing your laptop to use the battery power will help you receive optimum battery power.
  • From time to time fully discharge and recharge your laptop battery. Once a month should be sufficient.

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