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I was reading an old SEO book today and came across an interesting topic which was how to help Google find your back links. I am sure that we all have a number of back links that are not found or discounted by Google mp3 kostenlos downloaden legal. You may have a great link from a PR7 site that you are still not getting credit for and are not sure why.

Well, I might be getting ahead of myself with this article fortnite windows 7. Before we get into the strategy behind this lets go over a few methods that are commonly used to check back links. For those who don’t know what back links are please visit “Common SEO Questions.”

The best place to check your back links is through Google Webmaster Tools wise guys lieder kostenlos downloaden. These are the back links that Google is telling you they have found. There is another function that you can use in the Google search box but you will not see a full list of credited back links herunterladen. This is a great way, however, to find a few good links that your competitors have.

In the search bar type: link:competitorswebsite.com

Remember, this will not show you all of your competitors back links dokumenteen mac. The best free tool I have found for finding back links is backlinkwatch.com

Submitting Your Site Directory to Google

As my subheading states, you can submit a link directly to Google for them to add to their list of sites to crawl google präsentationen herunterladen. This is a slow process so don’t expect any results quickly. The URL to submit to Google directly is as follows.


The best way to get a URL added is from a link from a page that is crawled frequently herunterladen. So here is an alternative or maybe an addition to the direct submit process. Try adding your article to social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon and so forth to help Google find your missing URLs bluestacks kostenlosen deutsch. By adding your missing link to these websites you are doing two things. The first is that you are building more back links to that missing URL which means that the URL may gain more authority destiny 2 kostenlose vollversion downloaden. The second benefit is that you are now increase your chances of Google finding your missing URL and crawling the page with your link.

Free SEO Tool

For anyone looking for a free general SEO Tool we have one right here on My New Tips herunterladen. Please visit our Free SEO domain tool. This tool will give you a general overview of your website.


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