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Google Clickthrough Rates


As an internet marketer it is always an exciting moment to receive a page one ranking for a keyword on Google. Once you have reached that peak you shouldn’t put exactly turn on cruse control wordpad new version for free. Receiving page one rankings on Google is not enough. You need to be within the first three rankings in Google’s organic listings to make a difference microsoft word kostenlos downloaden deutsch chip. Take a look at these statics to have a better understanding of the importance of a good SERP (Search Engine Results Page) listing.

Google Click through Rate Statistics

# 1 spot in Google receives 42.3 % of all clicks

# 2 spot in Google receives 11.92 % of all clicks

# 3 spot in Google receives 8.44 % of all clicks

# 4 spot in Google receives 6.03 % of all clicks

# 5 spot in Google receives 4.86 % of all clicks

# 6 spot in Google receives 3.99 % of all clicks

What This Means for Your Business

How would you like to receive almost four times the amount of traffic you currently have skat for pc for free? Increasing your rankings from the number two position to the number one position on Google could be the answer herunterladen. Crazy huh?


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