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Avoiding Lowball Offers After an Injury Accident


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When someone sustains injuries in a personal injury accident, it is not unusual for the victim to believe that he or she is operating alone when it comes to recovering damages.  Certainly insurance companies and defense lawyers are not forthcoming with large settlement offers.  In fact, when they do make settlement offers quickly, it usually means they are trying to avoid paying a higher settlement to the victim and want to distract him or her with a quick “lowball” offer.

However lonely the process of suffering through a personal injury accident may be, victims do not have to go through this alone.  South Orange County lawyers are ready to help recover fair compensation for all victims of personal injury accidents.

With the dense population in Orange County, personal injury cases are very common.  There may be many conflicting stories told to any Orange County personal injury victim about how to handle a personal injury case and who to go to in order to get professional assistance.  Generally, friends and family tend to vastly overestimate or severely underestimate the value of  a victim’s personal injury claim.

Attorneys in South Orange County, however, can help a victim get a reasonable idea of exactly how much a personal case is worth.  Because these attorneys are paid on contingency, they have a vested interest in accurately assessing the value of any personal injury case.  Contingency payments mean that the lawyer is only paid when the case settles and he or she gets a certain percentage of the final settlement amount.

Many personal injury victims feel that their cases are not “big enough” to warrant a personal injury suit.  In some cases, they are right.  Some personal injury cases should never be filed by an attorney because the time and effort it would take to recover damages is far greater than the amount that the victim will get.  However, most personal injury cases do not fall into this category.

Personal injury cases are based on the idea that the victim was wrongfully injured due to someone else’s actions.  When someone is careless or negligent and causes harm to another person, he or she should pay fair damages for those actions.  Personal injury cases force the at-fault parties to examine their conduct and pay a fair sum for the damage.


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