Black Magic Elephant Ear

Dark purple stalks with large dark purple (almost black) leaves that give the appearance of an elephant ear is the best way that I can describe these magnificent tropical plants. The Black Magic Elephant Ear or Colocasia esculenta, is a fast growing plant that requires shade to partial sun. If left out in hot direct sunlight, leaves may become burnt and damaged. This plant loves wet conditions but do ensure that it is planted in a well-drained area.

Black Magic Care Instructions:

black-magic-elephant-ear-leafWater: Keep soil moist and remember that new plants require more water than old established ones. Adding mulch can help increase root establishment and reduce watering frequency.

Average Size: 5 to 6 feet high by 5 to 6 feet wide

Spacing: Keep plants between 5 to 6 feet apart to allow them to grow without crowding each other.

Growth Rate: Medium

Areas Best To Grow: Zone 7.

Pruning: Remove any tattered foliage to encourage new branches to grow. Make angled cuts above the bud when cutting. Be sure to fertilize after pruning. Any of the following will work to prune.

Sheers, hand pruners, pole pruners or pruning saws.

Soil: Fertilize soil before and during the plants growing cycles. Use all-purpose fertilizers that are used for flowering or foliage plants. Frequency will depend on the type of fertilizer you choose. Be sure to read the directions your fertilizer package before use.

Quick Facts

Botanical Name:Colocasia esculenta ‘Black Magic’

Common Name:Black Magic Elephant Ear

Uses: Great for accents in tropical gardens, patios and house plants.

Beds and Borders, Mass Planting, Color Accent, Container, Specimen


  • Huge dark leaves
  • Tropical appearance

Black Magic Planting Instructions

  • Find an area that will receive little sun light (morning sunlight only) and has excellent drainage. If using a pot, ensure that the bottom has proper drainage and move to a shady area.
  • Once you have decided where to plant, dig a hole about twice the size of the pot.
  • Remove your plant from the pot by gently squeezing the container and slowly removing the root ball. Do not pull the plant trunk. Allow your plant to slide out of the container.
  • Place your plant in the hole and add soil mix until the root ball is at ground level.
  • Build a ring or mot around your plant using soil, which will ensure your plant receives ample water until established.
  • Water thoroughly to settle soil.
  • Add mulch on top of the soil to help keep in moisture and prevent weeds from growing. Check often to make sure your plant has ample water until established.


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